Tasty and healthy are two different things

Well, if children from an early age instill the right eating habits. Unfortunately, such parents have too little. Young people, if they don't play sports professionally, the food also does not cause any issues. Usually the metabolism and energy reserve allows the young organism to digest everything that gets on the shelves and is a nice taste. Calories no one thinks about the usefulness of do not think.

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Suddenly, however, there may come a moment when you start to button up, to ache and to play tricks. This moment becomes an occasion to think about a healthier lifestyle and proper nutrition.
Specialists in endocrinology and nutrition suggests that there are four products that should be excluded from the diet, so as not to clog the body with toxins and parasites and enable cells to be filled with extremely useful substances.

1. Products made with white flour – bread, pasta, buns, cookies. White flour is completely devoid of fiber necessary for bowel cleansing. It is recommended to replace the flour or self-made flour from grain.

2. White sugar and products containing it. Quick carbohydrate that may contain the remains of burnt lime. It gives the sugar the white color and almost not excreted from the body. It is better to replace with more natural sweeteners — honey, brown cane sugar, maple syrup, without forgetting about calories.

3. Meat is a product with efficiency to the human body 1-2%. This means that by eating 200g of meat, you give the body just 2-4G of protein at a daily rate of 80-90g. All the rest goes into the ballast or stored in fat reserves, taking the body a lot of energy to digest. In addition, modern meat product filled with a variety of animal supplements and antibiotics. The most eco-friendly can be considered the meat of Turkey, rabbit or lamb.

4. Smoked, canned food and carbonated drinks are strong semiliterate of the body, since the production of these products use chemical preservatives. They cause various allergies and metabolic disorders.

Exclude from your menu these products at least for a week or a month by consuming this instead of coffee and tea clean water is a good way to cleanse your body of parasites that dictate their tastes. Withdrawal, of course, can not be avoided, but the result will be, as they say, on the face. And smile to that person is guaranteed.published by P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

Source: medland.ru/food/a-100.html


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