How to create the body of your dreams: 7 effective fitness recommendations

If you are determined to change your body beyond recognition – to lose weight or gain muscle mass, but do not know where to start and what to be prepared, the following valuable tips will help you with this.

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1. Technique is paramount

Once mastered the proper technique of the exercise, every week increase the load (add weight barbells, dumbbells, etc.) and progressively load the muscles.

Many visitors gyms begin immediately to add additional weight on the rod, not having mastered the correct technique, and as a result injure muscles. When the exercise is properly mastered, you can start lifting weights and to incorporate into workout drop sets to support continued progress.

Weight reduction during the study of equipment is perceived as a huge "step back", but in reality it turns the opposite. Adjusting technique for performing squats, bench or deadlift, you will be able to add weight every week, focusing on specific muscle groups, and in the near future notice the result that is always sought.

2. Exercise with your partnerMany view exercise solely as a single exercise. However, a good partner will make you work to failure, when you will be ready to give up, and insure, if you take too heavy weight.

In addition, the atmosphere of healthy competition has a strong motivating effect and will urge you to raise much more weight and do more reps than doing it alone.

You will also have less chance to miss a workout, knowing that your partner is already waiting for you in the hall, and his success will make you work harder not to be in a number of lagging.

3. Pick the right sports nutritionSports nutrition is an essential component of training, especially under extreme loads. Nutritional supplements combined with a balanced diet and hard weight training will promote the progress of muscle building, if taken before, during or after a workout.

For example, drinking during workouts amino acids helps to reduce muscle protein breakdown, while whey or casein protein is an important element in the growth and repair of muscle tissue.

Sports supplements prepare the body to super-intensive workloads and help your body and muscles to recover faster after each workout.

4. Alternate exercises arethe same exercises and techniques would hardly productive. The body gets used to the same load – that's why the training progress gradually slows down or even stops.

To continue to achieve visible changes and to prevent stagnation, it is necessary to force the body to constantly adapt to new loads and evolve accordingly, and this means every time you put on a new and more difficult tasks. Try to frequently change training programs to maintain good progress.

Try to vary the exercises, change the tempo and amplitude of movements. If you perform bench press on a flat bench, try this exercise in another way: do negative wide grip repetition or partial repetition in the upper part of the amplitude of motion.

5. Develop patienceto achieve the desired result, you need to be patient, especially if you want to build mass. It should be remembered that the increase in muscles does not happen overnight. For stable mass gains you need every day to create a calorie surplus with a value of +500 calories.

Also, continuity is very important – take note of the 80/20 rule (20% of efforts give 80% of result and Vice versa), which is applicable to any field. This means that 80% of them stick to a healthy "clean" food, and 20% to break the diet within reasonable limits. Remember: don't expect significant changes for a few days or even a few weeks.

6. Force to work not only the body but also the mindOur body does what he tells our mind. Many beginners do not focus on what you are doing, and this is the wrong way. The mind must engage before it will make muscles.

Focus on any movement very important if you want to achieve visible results in the gym. It should be remembered that the brain seems faster than the body, so it is important to learn to control it.

Think about what you have achieved, not about how much remains to be done. Classes will not be perceived as an uphill struggle or a duty, if you rethink your goals.

7. Pay more attention to cardioMany often forget that hard work in the gym is a key requirement to achieve extreme results. Instead of hard to burn fat during exercise, some weight lifters doing low intensity, but it is better to pay attention to cardio activity.

If your goal is to burn fat, try interval training TABATA. This high-intensity workout will enhance fat burning and as a consequence will speed up weight loss. Way to perform TABATA is very simple: exercises are performed at the highest possible pace for 20 seconds, then take a break for 10 seconds, and then all anew repeats 7 times. The training duration is 4 minutes, which are signed 8 cycles to 30 seconds. As a result, you will soon see how the body fat will start to disappear.

Another effective gyrosigma exercise is hill sprints or running uphill. Find a hill with a slight slope and make a sprint for 30-50 meters, then slow down to catch my breath. Repeat the exercise again and do 10 approaches. published

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