Hybrid sweeper

Swiss scientific and technology Federal laboratory Empa together with the Swiss higher technical school of Zurich and the municipal service of the Bucher Municipal has developed a hybrid electric power unit for road cleaning machines, which allegedly consumes only half the energy of diesel-hydraulic vehicles, and reduces emissions by more than 60 percent.

The design replaces the conventional hydraulic power distribution more efficient system of electric drive. Small engine running on natural gas, with an electric generator acts as the source of driving force.

The main goal of the project is to offer cleaner and more efficient alternatives to diesel cleaning machines, saving the cost of one level with modern technology. Why sweepers? These vehicles work for seven hours daily, and are eating up to 10,000 litres of diesel fuel each year, 10 times more uses than the standard car.

While the initial costs on the car can be higher operating costs kompensiruet through the use of natural gas, which, in accordance with the research, consumes approximately 50 percent less during a typical work cycle. Natural gas also contains less carbon, which accounts for a significant portion of greenhouse gas emissions. The developers predict that with the use of biogas mixtures, the hybrid sweeper will be even greener.

The hybrid drive system has a modular design. This means that instead of an engine running on natural gas can be established by other sources of energy, including all-electric drive using batteries, or hydrogen fuel cells.

This modular drive concept will allow the municipality to satisfy a wide range of customer needs in the future.

Management of Bucher Municipal plans to develop a modular platform for electric and hybrid drive, began an internal examination of the concept in this direction.

In this context will be further work on cost reduction, optimization of manufacturing and design solutions for the battery pack, generator, catering, and vehicles in General. In parallel with this will be analysed production processes in terms of electrification of the car. The goal is to bring to market innovative sweeper in the foreseeable future. published

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