Led light bulb create a wireless connection

Many scholars have created ways to transmit information from besprovodnikovy lamps, so they acted as a form of empowerment to connect to Wi-Fi networks, and they were called "Li-Fi".

But now engineers from the University of Virginia have invented a new way — they claim to have created an algorithm that makes nearly any device with standard LEDs, can communicate with other equipment in which is installed the same LEDs.

For example, the front led lights in your car will be able to send information ahead to the car, which he receives through his led taillights, or led display alarm clock will be able to instruct the coffee maker to turn on with light indicator.

Professor Maite Brandt-Pearce (Maite Brandt-Pearce) and Mohammad Noshad (Mohammad Noshad), a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University, invented a way of using the radiation of the led lamps to transmit signals to devices connected to a wireless connection. When you transfer data with a speed of 300 Mbit/s from each light source, any and all led lamps in close proximity can be used as a wireless access point without any bandwidth limitations of wireless networks.

"We have developed an algorithm modulation, which increases data throughput in the visible optical communication," says Brandt-Pearce (Brandt-Pearce). "We can transmit more data without using extra energy. More than to replace conventional led lamps, the more you will have various access points to the network."

Unlike ordinary Wi-Fi network, the system can also be used in places where radio waves are not allowed or cause problems nvprimer around with medical equipment in hospitals, in the electromagnetic-sensitive production environments, the cabins of passenger aircraft.

"The idea of this technology is transmission of data through a system of lighting that is used indoors. Visible optical communication offers a compact, energy saving solution, dual-purpose, and can provide high speed secure network connection large number of users," says Nosad.

Of course, this technology can not yet boast a claimed speed in SiSoft Li-Fi, but the transfer of data from where there are LEDs that puts things upside down. The Internet of things, for example, can be connected more easily and cheaply than ever thought before.

"Visible optical communication has the potential to significantly increase the speed of your Internet connection in multiplayer rooms with a wide band of visible light," says Nosad. "It offers saving huge amounts of energy for the country, as energy is already used for lighting, and thus will not be spent on communications".

Researchers have already obtained several patents for his work and is currently working on Li-Fi table lamp to showcase to investors the results along with the study of the ways of increasing the number of concurrent users on their devices. published

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