OLED is a modern development based on biological components

OLED translated into Russian language means photonische diode on an organic basis. Scientists have developed a special compound which is capable of efficiently emitting photons when passing through them an electric voltage. Modern LCD monitors do not meet the growing demands of the users of electronic devices. On the threshold of mass production are flexible computer apparatus based on the use of biotechnology, which can be rolled like a sheet of paper. Such displays occupy minimum space, at a cost they are cheaper than LCD monitors, and more economical on energy consumption.

In the 60 years of the twentieth century scientists, theoretical physicists developed a fundamental basis for applied research in the field of application of organic compounds emitting quantum particles of light when you connect them to electric potential. For forty years the theory could not be practical due to the lack of biological materials, satisfying the formulated postulates. And only in the beginning of the third Millennium there is a real opportunity to carry out theoretical calculations of scientists of theoretical physics. The primary use of biological photonic semiconductors received in the system the visual display of information (displays, television receivers, advertising displays) and light-emission devices. The efficiency approaches an absolute value of 100%. While in the outdated emitters and converters of various types of energies in the visible spectrum of electromagnetic oscillations, the figure was no more than thirty percent.

The principle of operation of biological photonic diode based on the following laws. Organic semiconductor is a kind of layered "pie". It consists of a base in the form of silicon quartzite, but can also be used other transparent material. On this basis, comprise several thin films of organic semiconductor material, located between the two opposite potentials: positive and negative. When an electric current, a movement positively charged "holes" and negatively charged electrons. The middle layer of this "cake" becomes active generators of high frequency oscillations, which periodically passes through the biological structure, force them to emit photons in the visible spectrum, i.e., photons. Substances used in the OLED technology allows to obtain electromagnetic waves of various frequencies in the visible range.

This technological development allows for the production of superfine semiconductor films, working as emitters of discrete particles. Physico-chemical properties, the LEDs are simply unique because they are sealed (not afraid of moisture and do not leak air), completely flat (no image distortion) and do not emit background thermal energy.

Using a solid-state led technology has a huge range of applications, though, as peaceful, and in the sphere of defense industry. Now in the dark soldiers, having their ammunition organic semiconductor devices can see the enemy, day. In the cockpits of modern fighter jets already do not apply to obsolete fixtures day and night illumination aneroid-membrane devices, and installed led light sources. In the civil sphere system OLED works in modern digital equipment in the displays of mobile phones, satellite global search engines, digital camcorders and cameras, infrared night review. Monitors on an organic basis are also used in various display systems, audio and video devices. This technology can be used practically in the most unexpected places: home and office furniture, room space and any other spaces.

Many global companies and firms engaged in development of computer and information technologies, lighting systems and other related areas, actively reconstruct their production on mass production of technological innovations, which includes the film led device. The modern state of industrial capacities does not suit the owners of corporations, and they are rapidly expanding in new markets with advanced.

Currently, OLED allows you to change the brightness depending on the desires of the consumer and use only four colors: red, white, green and blue. But engineers are working to create increasingly sophisticated systems and in the future, the emergence of adjustable elements of color, contrast and brightness. The use of polymeric materials is another of the areas of manufacturers of photonic diodes. There is a process of making flexible, transparent, bullet-proof and other products based on this technology. Light-transmissive polymers are expecting to obtain merchants, creating Windows for residential homes. A distinctive feature of them is that in the daytime the window is in normal mode — lets light into the room. After dark, led window transmits light only into the street. In the opposite direction, from the street, the window will close to the public eye inside the apartment.

Vast prospects are opening up before OLED system of the organic led display in the advertising sector, commercial sales, design and interior of houses and apartments. But this is all in the future. At the moment the product on photonic semiconductors is still quite expensive in comparison with LCD displays products. For example, the cost of the latest equipment is one thousand euros. But progress is stubbornly moving toward the goal and it will take several years, as organic film displays will occupy the sales market. Is this going to take, according to experts, more than fifteen years. Scientists do not sit in one place and developed in conjunction with designers-decorators plates for decorating various surfaces. The plate can be a decorative element, or mirror area using different colors. It can be ordered through the electronic store on the Internet. The cost is from seventy to three hundred euros. The price depends on the design surface, product size, design and color of the background.

Already currently being developed by organic led lighting, reminiscent of a display in a supermarket. It is a system that is capable of changing color under the influence of heat, if it put your hand. It was created in the shape of a flower, and if you come closer, there is a sense of movement in the middle of the track, as if the elusive creature hiding behind the transparent surface. Plates of this miracle folded like the petals of the Mimosa, which feels extraneous stimuli of the environment that prompted engineers to the idea. But when such perfection is not small, in the range of two hundred thousand euros.

All modern lamps have a particular shimmer, depending on the quality of the product. If I stare at this light, the eyes begin to tire and hurt. Lamp OLED technology is just dramatically changing our views on lighting equipment. This product gives calm and steady light, no flicker and glare. And the price of these lamps is an astronomical sum of several thousand euros.

But organic led technology is fundamentally outdated. In their place expect monitors TMOS (Time-Multiplexed Optical Shutter, "the optical shutter with time division multiplexing").

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