What women's training needs differ from men's?



Women can successfully perform the same physical exercises as men. However, when drawing up the program of sports and fitness it is advisable to consider the specifics of the structure of the female body and features muscle building.

The main differences in women, the backbone is longer than that of men, while the feet and hands they have, as a rule, shorter. Husbands can develop the muscles of the shoulder girdle, while the ladies, they are rather weak. But exercises involving muscles of pelvic region, it is much easier to perform.

The female body is by nature prone to fat accumulation, but to build muscle them harder. Even professional bodybuilders fat percentage is higher than male athletes. A large part of fat and muscle in women are below the belt, but even so, the peak power of the legs of the girls is 27 percent lower than in men, and power shoulder belt 40 or even 70.

Due to the smaller volume of the heart the women have a higher respiratory rate and cardiac rhythm. Their nervous system is characterized by high excitability compared with the male, and overall health and state of health after a heavy workout or other stress recover more slowly.

Women can not boast the same number of muscle fibers as men. This is especially true of the muscles of the upper body. For this reason, ladies harder to build muscle mass as a result of intensive strength training, while among men the hypertrophy of the muscles are much better.

Why flexibility is a female trait women on average 15-20 percent more flexible than men. This advantage they owe to the high elasticity of the connective tissue, which allows them to perform exercises with increased amplitude compared with male athletes. But caution is important here – most women have narrow joints, which leads to low strength of ligaments and tendons.

Features fitness for women In its structure plan for women training is no different from the male sports, the same applies to machinery perform most of the exercises. This is confirmed by all professional coaches and experts in the field of sports medicine. The main differences are in the recommended intensity and duration of training.

Since the restoration of the ladies takes longer, it is recommended to reduce the total amount of daily fitness classes by about a third compared to men who have a comparable level of fitness. This applies both to the number of classes per week, and intensity of individual workouts.

Girls, on the advice of doctors, it is not necessary to contact the instep maximum weight. Working with near limit weight must be preceded by thorough preparation. It is most efficient to begin your workout with the largest muscles, for example, pelvis and legs.

In order to avoid displacement of the uterus should avoid excessive back arch when performing exercises. The climb limit weight in a standing position is fraught with unpleasant consequences for the spine. It is also not recommended to do a deep jumping on a rigid platform.published


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