The most fragrant varieties of roses

Petals on the bed, the essential oil in your favorite perfume, anti-aging extract in the miracle-cream — Queen of the garden and here out of competition! Her honey scent at all times associated with luxury. But if their Majesties so generous?

Burgundy rose ‘Adam Messerich’ known to gardeners since 1920, This picturesque shrub up to 1.8 m bloom almost all summer.

At the sight of a lush rose bouquet arises a spontaneous desire to smell, the rose is associated primarily with the delightful aroma. Alas, sometimes this capricious Princess leaves us literally with the nose — it turns out that it is completely devoid of its main advantages. But that is no reason to be disappointed in the Royal family! To experience the desirable sensations enough to come to the rose garden, where the choicest fragrant plants. Just imagine: fruity, tart, musky, spicy aroma... Know breathe Yes enjoy! Moreover, some "aristocratic" beauties can boast a set of different smells in one "bottle".

The Poet's Wife’ — English rose. Had the blooming flowers smell of lemon, which later becomes sweet.

Aromanians not only pleasant in itself, but also beneficial to health: after the "Royal reception" you will feel peaceful and energized. And this scent is the greatest aphrodisiac. For a reason no better token of love than a rose bouquet: the donor reasonably can expect to return!

Hybrid tea rose ‘Blue Girl’ has fragrant flowers of pale lavender hue.

What is the secret to the hypnotic suggestions of fragrant flowers? The fact that our sense of smell is directly linked to the pleasure center in the brain. While the smell itself is a purely chemical nature: we breathe in tiny molecules of essential oils, resulting in a thin piece of iron on the surface of the petals and floating in the air, especially on warm days in the morning. The most fragrant just blossoming roses. Over time, the smell is weakening, because the main purpose is to attract pollinating insects — is achieved.

Delicate aroma of ‘Ghislaine de Feligonde’ is faint, but this is more than kompensiruet an abundance of flowers.

Unfortunately, the fee for the exquisite gift of luxury flowers large: unlike his avaricious sisters, fragrant roses quickly wither, and the vase life are long. But true connoisseurs, convinced that smell is the soul of the rose, even more value the elusive beauty.

1. ‘Charles Darwin’ reddish buds opening, gustomahrovye turn into bright yellow flowers. The height of this English rose 1.2 m.

2. ‘Kolner Flora’ looks incredibly picturesque when drooping stems adorn gustomahrovye flowers. Rose grows up to 1.2 m and is famous for its good health.

3. ‘Scented Whisper’ is a beautiful groundcover with a height up to 80 cm with loose double flowers.

4. ‘Soul’ is incredibly fragrant, this shrub up to 1.3 m has a strong immune system and stamina.

5. The aroma of the ‘Herzogin Christiana’ a very special, increasing in the afternoon and evening. Growth rose about 1.2 m.

6. ‘Ambassador 2014’ — hybrid tea hardy beauty with a height up to 80 cm flowers on the outside and bright orange inside, exude a fruity aroma.


  • What is the impact of the locus on the intensity of flavor?
More than the odor intensity is influenced by heat and humidity — the higher they are, the stronger the fragrance. Even the gardeners said that the flowers of plants of the same varieties on clay soil smell stronger than sandy. The sun rose like, but too hot place the smell fades, especially in plants with flowers of dark color.

  • Is it possible to determine the potential aroma in color of flowers or roses belonging to a specific group?
The rose color does not affect the smell. The colors of a particular shade can be very fragrant, or do not have a smell. But among groups of roses there are differences: as a rule, the most intensely fragrant shrub and climbing roses, and among the groundcover, on the contrary, a lot of varieties, which have no gene of the smell. published


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