What you need to know about Pilates for an effective workout

Pilates is an exercise system which is designed to create a strong and flexible body. That is, the training combines elements of stretching with elements of weight training. Just want to mention that a large relief of muscle using petales, of course, not to build. However, to make a fit athletic body is quite a force.

To Pilates to be effective, need to know its basic principles, which are the basis in this type of training.


Breath control is a very important part of Pilates. So, many people breathe superficially. For an effective workout will have to learn to breathe deeply. And it's not as easy as it may seem. The perfect breath in the Pilates system is that, when during inhalation and expands the back. Not chest, not the stomach as in yoga, namely the spin.

If you can't breathe as described above, the "belly breathe" (when you inhale a slightly inflates the abdomen). It is also a good option.

INTERESTING! Originally Pilates was designed as a system for the rehabilitation of soldiers during the First world war. A little later, the training system was picked up by American dancers: they used it for treatment of the entire body.


Many, when looking from the side, as people do Pilates, I think that it is absolutely simple. In fact, the Foundation of any exercise system is a voltage of the abdominal muscles and buttocks. First, it helps to remove all unnecessary load on the spine, allowing you to pump the muscles of the back in complete safety.

In addition, the creation of strong press and buttocks can improve the condition of the internal organs and improve the condition of the lower part of the spine.

IMPORTANT! Pilates is a great training system for people who have back problems. He smoothly and gently creates a strong muscular corset with a very low risk of injury.


When Pilates is very important to control every movement. So, need to be tensed buttocks and press, plus other parts of the body also work. It is very important to concentrate on what you're doing.

In fact, it is something like yoga when, during practice, thoughts must be in exercise, and not to hover in the pink clouds. If you are at least at the time to lose control, the effectiveness of an exercise immediately decreases.

To learn to control yourself, switch off during a workout, television and music with words, leaving only something for relaxation. Try to control your thoughts and think about the movement that do.


The exercises in the Pilates system are performed smoothly and without jerks. Again, they do have something in common with yoga, however, in comparison, are more dynamic. Importantly, all elements of the training was carried out naturally and without strain.

You should not do drastic exercises, but also feel very uncomfortable. In Pilates there are light weight versions of the exercises, so if it becomes painful, use them. The meaning of Pilates is that the body comes to tone and gain strength gradually, so after a good workout you should feel the relaxation of every muscle, not the voltage. published


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