Joseph Pilates: the rise of a person must be age 70+

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Joseph Pilates, the inventor of his own system of exercise, believed that you can be old at 30 and young at 60, because each young man exactly so how flexible his spine is.

He worked on his own system and has lived a long and healthy life, although the child was sickly and weak.

Joseph Pilates was born in 1883 in Germany to a poor family of Greek and German and was very sickly as a child: rickets and asthma, and even rheumatism.

At school he was always teased and sometimes fought.

In nine years he once again began to complain my father and heard from him a simple phrase, which changed his life: each man is himself the master of his destiny.

You can continue to complain, his father said, and I can go and do something.

Over several years of hard training goner Joseph became athlete: gymnastics, skiing, Boxing, swimming, diving...

He developed his muscles with that local artists were invited to pose for anatomical drawings.

Even then he begins to invent its own system of improving body.

In 1912 Pilates moved to England: moonlights as a boxer in sparring,
circus gymnast, even coach self-defense at Scotland Yard.

Then begins the First world, and how ethnic Germans interned in the camp.

But in the conclusion, Pilates continues to train and train.

After the war, Joseph Pilates went to new York.

In America at this time, opening one after another all kinds of sports and fitness centres, and Joseph, now Joseph decides to take a chance:
he invests all his savings in the sports Studio at the building of the new York ballet center.

Since then, his business dramatically go up the hill: his class go dancers, famous Hollywood actors and athletes.

Today, the Pilates system is experiencing another surge in popularity.

It is clear, simple and very effective: correct breathing plus carefully designed exercises which generates muscle the frame around the spine and joints.

Since all runs smoothly, injuries are practically excluded.

Pilates is for everyone: old and young, healthy and sick, and especially those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

But to help, to do it regularly.

Himself Joseph Pilates (which, by the way, in addition to invented many useful machines) argued,
after ten sessions for his technique, everyone will feel much better after twenty will look better
and after thirty will have a new body.

And to control the body, one gains confidence and begins to control your life.

"We retire too early and we die too young,' he wrote. — The flourishing of a person must be age 70+, and old age to come in a hundred years"


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