Philanthropy in its purest form: a woman from China all their multi-million dollar fortune spent on orphans

Chinese businesswoman Li Liyuan made a multi-million dollar fortune in the 1980-ies on successful investment in garment manufacturing and coal industry. However, now former wealth is not gone. Besides – Whether hanging a huge debt.


All of her former millionaire spent 75 orphans she adopted.

First child Whether adopted in 1994. It was followed by dozens of children abandoned by their parents due to disease or infirmity.

In the end, the 46-year-old woman has spent all savings and is not able itself to feed his huge family. At the moment, its debt is more than 300 thousand dollars. Whether forced to sell their property and other valuables owned.


Particularly strong If the financial problems worsened when he closed a coal mine in which it has invested.

Even though there are volunteers ready to take to their families children ruined millionaire, a strict Chinese laws force If they refuse. Because all children received the name Liyuan and officially became her children, they can no longer be passed to another family and to be adopted re – in this respect the Chinese law is very strict.

Whether it receives donations from charitable organizations and individuals, however, many children need long and expensive treatment or operations, and the incoming money is sorely lacking.


Another heavy financial blow, Whether received in 2011 when she was diagnosed with early stage lymphoma, for which treatment it took her a week to spend in the hospital.

Children love Lee and think of her as his mother. The oldest boy had already graduated from University and went to work.


Paradoxically, his only biological son, not seen for more than ten years. In 2004, Saawan injured his spine and he underwent a complicated operation, but the mother from his bed he did not see – she cared about one of their adopted children in a different hospital, who also is preparing for the operation.

Feeling abandoned and forgotten mother, the boy plunged into a deep depression and refused any contact with Lee. He now lives with his grandmother. published


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