As revenge the signs of the zodiac

How many articles are written about characters signs of the zodiac, about their sexuality, morality, and Hobbies. But have you ever wondered how can you avenge your husband is a Sagittarius? Or the guy is a Fish? Or just a friend, Taurus? As revenge the signs of the Zodiac, and who should fear more the tides of rage? Read and take on Board.



Imagine vindictive Aries — it is quite complicated. If someone comes to the sore spot Aries, then Aries, so the rule gives the offender in the ear without all sorts of delays and introductions. And this is how revenge is not considered, because it is a normal reaction of a healthy body. I would say more, if the attack on the marked corn was virtual and to give ear to the abuser was inaccessible, Aries in an hour can easily forget all about it, and the next day as if nothing had happened with this abuser to embrace and osculate.

Therefore, in order to have Aries there was a desire for revenge, his need to get very systematically and get really really... Well, for example, daily and loudly talk about his (her) weaknesses at precisely the moment when in proximity to present his (her) passion. In this case, you, however, also immediately get into the ear, but if you have the courage to continue in the same spirit and on, then after a while Aries is rooted in the view that you need lime. So. Revenge Aries always radical. He never condescend to some reciprocal petty mischief. Aries need only one thing — that the object of revenge ceased to exist (at least in the foreseeable space). What Aries and will consistently seek:

— Sir, You must die.

— And maybe something else? Maybe you will meet well, at least, cutting off hands, or, say, an ear? Huh? Well, ple-a-ASE-and-and...

— No, sir, you must die.

In General, to make you at least go to another organization (and even to move with the whole family to another city) Aries, decided to take revenge on can easily. It is typical that the Aries will not consider it revenge, and self-defense.


In order to arouse the vengeance of the Bullock, is also in General you need to try. Taurus is rooted in the view that man is a bastard only after a thorough collection of statistical information on this subject. But revenge they are much more perverted than Aries. In all likelihood, founder of vendetta became this sign (for a couple with Scorpio). Revenge

Taurus, as a rule, is smooth and inexorable overlap all locks and canals abuser. A Taurus — a sign that, for some reason, always turns out to be the owner of the krantik that these gateways and channels overlap. For example, in the party, Taureans are often not only the main breadwinners, polcari and principalname at home, but also tacit trendsetters and tastes. This does not mean that they are already leaders. No. Here's the other thing. They just have zavsegda on any occasion is very strong and weighty opinion. So new people and new tastes they do not impose — they only approve or disapprove of what others bring. So, if you were awarded revenge Taurus, then be prepared for the fact that the Taurus will you categorically do not endorse anywhere and everywhere she can reach. This means that you will almost certainly "be without sweet" and will be isolated. But if someone tries to stand up for you, Taurus "strike out" and and so on until the twelfth tribe.

Moreover, the abolition of these sanctions almost not be. In order to re-earn the trust and respect of Taurus, you have so much to repent and fawn that it is easier just to hang himself.


That is one of the major plagues of the Zodiac. The fact that most of the Twins the passion longs to be great and respected, and so no one perceives. Therefore, to make the Twin inflamed with revenge very easily. Receiving same revenge Twin, you probably will be subject to the most incredible rumors and gossip, ugly flat quips and blatant misinformation. Boys Twins can even climb into the fray with the superior forces of the enemy (and they are always superior), but two minutes later these don Quixote will have to whimper in the corner. Now, if it was a computer fight, it would be Twin did anyone. So, seriously revenge Gemini can only if you own a computer — to send, for example, a nito letter with the virus — it zavsegda please. At the same time, the mood of the majority of the Twins is changing much faster than the weather. Gathered in the morning to take revenge on you until retirement, for dinner Gemini can already offer you a mutually beneficial business or to share with you svezhepoymannyh gossip about the new object, chosen for revenge.

However, if you decide that revenge Twins should not be afraid, you are mistaken. First, people tend to believe even the most incredible rumors (and then go and wash). And secondly, the Twins have used to know everything about everyone, and because writing regular gossip, can give you about something really painful and damning — without knowing it. In General, understanding that owns the information, owns the world laid at these figures on an instinctive level.


The easiest and most common way rachey revenge — go bareheaded in the cold night, that all was bad. Used for any reason and without cause — in the mood. To this class belongs the complete rupture of relations. In the crayfish case, it means that the Cancer do not be on you to respond — in any way and never, even if you will sink in front of him. Moreover, the likelihood that the Cancer will forgive you (even if the offense was small) is extremely small. If Cancer hurt seriously, the consequences can be very unexpected. Aware of its small, in General, force, Cancers even to kill a cockroach can use heavy artillery (not to mention revenge more serious opponents). For example, to drown in a vengeful impulse in the nearest body of water somebody's bag or burn entirely someone's documents — it would be crayfish. I'm not talking about physical revenge.

If push comes to shove, it is not otherwise with the use of something like scrap iron stools with legs or anything else like that... So Cancer, in terrible anger. But it's actually worse than just not even crayfish revenge, and crayfish offensive in itself. This creation will look at you accusingly with his big tearful eyes, like an abandoned forest lapdog, and you will be ashamed, ashamed, ashamed! But to make amends, you can not, and because conscience will have to choke, choke and choke until you suffocate to a semi-faint.


In order to awaken in Leo thirst for revenge, it should just seriously deceived. And deceive Leo — a trifling matter, is wanted. The question is: why you need it. The lion's revenge, even in a light version, terrible as death. And in hard my ispolnenii — and at a crushing (but before it comes rarely). The most simple way to the lion revenge — this is a clear demonstration that you are full, nothing of itself is not a nonentity, and even worse.

Demonstrates this by example. That is, Leo publicly shows how much he looks cooler, work and rest than you. Moreover, even if he never handled the case, which involved you, in order to show your a jerk he will manage to do it better than you. Later in the lions ' stars out of revenge followed by public humiliation and exposure. That is, Leo publicly tell you everything you think about. Moreover, the sympathy of others, of course, be on his side — because these sympathies always on the side of the Lion. This is the easy revenge ends. And hard revenge of a Lion does not end or stop at anything. You can chase the dark personality somehow found themselves suddenly closest friends Leo, overwhelm — examiners everywhere from the traffic police to Institute throw — friends and acquaintances, and quartered and the wheel come to life. And for all this you will see a terrible lion's grin.

Over time you will become frail and become schizophrenic see lions machinations already in all manifestations of life — including clogging of the toilet and the souring of milk.


Honestly, I have trouble imagining what needs to be done to ensure that virgin decided to retaliate, but the tendency to this, many representatives of the sign can be traced. Moreover, the revenge of the virgin, as a rule, in especially perverted forms. Now, if you watched the movie about the heroic Sergey Lazo, burned in the firebox of the locomotive by the Japanese, it should roughly imagine what you can do to a person if a certain percentage desceu fantasy (and detskoy — because Japan is under the sign of Virgo). Remember, there is, for example, was such a beautiful vase with holes, designed for installation of the head of the enemy.

The idea to pump in the human body through the ears of the water is also good. In General, what did not come up, puzzled by the question seriously and deski. Household revenge of the Virgins is not less thin, but you'll be one fun twist: the person taking revenge, finds out that this happened to him last. For example, to get some long-awaited documents, committing just one minor mistake, which leads to repetition of all the circles of hell, this prior — will be devski: once nothing is clear, but devastating in the end.

Do virgin more any other signs are prone to revenge official methods and documentaries. That is, if you've been offended, and she has something to say to you in a formal authority — it is almost certain there currently. Also known devskaya child pornography on technique obayaniyu anyone and pickling until polusmerti purposes only deep uyazvleniya.


Libra — the sign quite touchy. But really revenge, they do not really know how. Everything is somehow more like a children's version: Oh you me so well ladnenko, and I'm here like. Say, give my toys and do not write in my pot. When Scales themselves already believe that reached the limits of severity and deceit, to the subject, who directed revenge only begins to realize that he is taking revenge. Besides, blocking any dependent of the ability, the balance is not seldom altogether lose control over who was going to retaliate, causing further killing becomes almost impossible.

Well, the most extreme, that is capable of Scales is to cause the offender to a verbal duel, show him his accusations and demand explanations. Usually, explanation is above the roof — not all because as honest as Libra...

However, one strong side, which Scales can be used for revenge — a terrible and horrible — they still are. They can, for example, skillfully discourage the offender sympathy any valuable person. Still can out of enemies to infiltrate somewhere high to warm places and there brazenly show abuser language, that he became bitter and jealous. In General, here are the intellectually-undercover intrigue... a Good sign. I knew a man who was (and remains) Libra and worked in his firm such a difficult activity, as contacts with all sorts of "boys" and "roofs", as he is famous for is the fact that due to its activity to serious clashes there came not even once, although his chief was a man surprisingly bitchy and violent passions around this company enough.


This sign is traditionally holds first place for bitchiness. Although not deserved. In fact, much bitchier his Fish, but nobody knows. So, normal Scorpio is characterized by the fact that he just has to deal. Everywhere he, you know, there are some of his interests, all he needs to control and keep on the hook. Accordingly, should anyone these his interests to hurt like a Scorpion immediately poured poison and runs to do pokusatelstvom.

The pokusatelstvom Scorpion is different, but it differs primarily in that its main purpose is not the neutralization of the enemy, and drawing him as deep moral (and at worst — and physical) injury, which he suffered until the end of his hard days. For the same reason the Scorpions are the ancestors of the principle "beat her to other people's fear" — to put deep, bleeding and not tightened his wounds, you see, is a hundred times easier than others. Its known in advance all the weaknesses and poke at them is not difficult. For example, I knew Scorpionica, whose husband was obsessed with that solid look — so she blamed him bastarache one only occasion when he looked undignified, vzvintili store to the extreme and telling the saleswoman what she (the saleswoman) deserved. The husband blushed, turned pale and lowered his eyes. And Scorpionica — infection — waiting for a large gathering of guests, and again: "And remember in the store..."

But, tellingly, none Scorpio will never forget and shed a bit of balsamico on the freshly applied wounds, so that the object of pokusenie completely from his shell is not closed and the hook will not come loose. That is, that it was a convenient victim. Immunity against scorpionic pocus have only Twins — because most of them have no soul of such depth for which the scorpionic sting can be scratched. Maybe the depth is, but the attitude is not as deep. That is, Scorpio their catches, and they themselves on this subject joke, as if they don't sting stick, and heel Scott with a feather.


Well, it's boring Avengers. A La "red devils" and "elusive Jack" (which no one catches). That is, they would be happy in the name of justice and principles of every chopped down all those horrible, with his sword unsheathed, but only now, while they talk about justice and principles, stroking, and hewing something already certain. And most importantly, they are virtually unable to inflict punishment, if not a large gathering of people. To them it is boring and somehow not edifying. For the very justice, they first need to collect the whole Council, to explain the people there that, say, you look beast, and then he, reptile, already with fireworks and fanfare to put in the flow.

However, like all who are ill principles, they were pretty vindictive. Therefore, if you meet the offender in twenty years, and then they point compacted it in full will have, they are happy great rolled and not blink an eye. In revenge succeeded Sagittarians like no other. In revenge bureaucratic. For example, if you need to get a nito aunt certificate stating that you were vaccinated against influenza, and aunt in pesacola this year you stepped on the foot and did not apologize, then certainly she will come off. Moreover, according to the rules. You have it for the sake of this certificate will bypass all thirty circles of hell, Paradise and purgatory, until there is reference about the purity of their ancestry to the twelfth tribe and not present them in the rationale that have requested help with some rights. And then it will all be for three years, to consider, to agree in ten commissions, and do other such dirty tricks.

And then, will give you a certificate without stamps and send to one at one end of the city, and another on the other (and forget to call to get it delivered).


What you need to do in order to get revenge Capricorn I even can't imagine. These people practically nothing to get — they would get anyone they want... Well, okay, suppose you could still get a Capricorn, catching something, for example, his crush. It's bad. Revenge still will not. And be consistent survival of all available Capricorn neighborhoods. Moreover, this does not mean that there will be a Capricorn spend some special work in this direction. Just Capricorn has already had time to dig in there much earlier and much better than you, but because all the levers in his hands... But it is, it's small things.

Sometimes, perhaps, worse. This is when you have managed to arouse antipathy Capricorn for some inexplicable reason and strong antipathy — reaching white heat. Capricorn then becomes capable of all that is capable of Virgo, only exaggerated scale. That is, if the virgin simply tighten krantik your dropper and go to the Capricorn necessarily need to replace this drip content for a nito caustic substance, and then sit to watch what will be. Overcome revenge Capricorn is possible only by massive bombing of its habitat area within a radius of three hundred kilometers for ten days without interruption. (And even then, if you are sure that the Capricorn does not have its hands on the command post of the force, which will be in charge of this bombing — which is unlikely). In General, what I tell you. Look better series "Sherlock Holmes", where about Professor Moriarty. That's Moriarty — a typical Capricorn.


Revenge Aquarians do not like and can not. Some mentally ill members of this sign can bring, and substitute to blatantly cheat, but they do it not out of revenge, but just so — for the love of art and for the sake of self-affirmation. To withdraw same from Aquarius herself to such an extent that he began to take revenge almost impossible. This sign is so strong an innate sense of humor that his representatives will make you look a complete idiot long before you'll get it. If you like, you can consider it revenge, but they do not think so. A typical Aquarius is a character, like "home Alone". So he rolled you to death, without knowing it. He has such strange habits that any close contact with them is fraught with self-inflicted wounds, and contact with order bad — especially. Let you sneak up quietly to Aquarius from behind, that something wrong, and Aquarius, just at this moment remembers that he knows how to do a back flip... What will happen?

Right: the Aquarius gets you in the head with both feet and then compassionately will lead to the medical center, where he will remember that he can still make the dressing and accidentally tie you so that you forget how to breathe (and when I remembered later). Ministry of health warns.


To offend normal Fish usually can be very easily. But to hurt her so, she wanted to take revenge, can only person close enough because the rest of the offense forgets the Fish with ease. And revenge of the Fish in all possible ways except the obvious. They weave, the offender cross the road exactly where he does not expect and enjoying his life with all sorts of other ways.

The easiest way to fish revenge is to walk around with a hurt face and tell what you a bad person and how you abused her cost. This Fish is always very natural, because they are really genuinely offended. And therefore, sympathetic can take a long time to get hold of you a bad name. If this is going to be the Fish is not enough, it can rasputat about you the most terrible rumors, is not worse than the Twins, and even better, because fish rumors much more naturalistic bliznevsky — first, and absolutely neoprovergaemy because a fair amount of fog and unsaid — in the second.

Having a very big tooth, the Fish can pretend that it was you and not offended, and then under the guise of a sincere desire to help, to tell you such tales and slapped these boards that you will be a very long time to disentangle your own brewed porridge. Moreover, to blame the Fish malice, you still will not be able to — so she makes sure to build all your slippery speech so that she had somewhere to retreat (say, she warned that this information is unverified). No worse than the Scorpion, the Fish is able to cling to the sore spots. No worse than Archer, can torture you bureaucratic torments.



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