Here's how offended representatives of zodiacal signs! Who would have thought that the Scorpions are aggressive ...

It is said to carry water offended ... Nevertheless we, then there is truth to conceal, like from time to time to blow lips pity themselves and complain about this-syakogo offender. It turns out that a representative of the zodiacal constellations do it differently! Team entertainment internet resource has decided to conduct a study and to probe how the offense zodiac.

Learn how not to awaken the beast in the Lions how to avoid death in a skirmish with the Scorpions and get away with it during an argument with Aquarius. I do not know you, but I grant helped avoid a lot of strife and to maintain good friendly relations with almost all the representatives of the signs of the zodiac!


At Aries for each person their calculations. He does everything for his own benefit. While you need to Aries, it will try in every way to control their emotions. But if you suddenly can not please representatives of this sign - blame yourself! You can expect two scenarios: the first - will fully removed from life as an evil; Second - you are lucky enough to see the Ram in anger. And this is to recognize their picture is not pleasant. As a representative of cloven-hoofed animals, it will be butting horns, to let off steam from his nostrils, and kept raking hoof land. Do not worry, this is normal. Further demonstration performance is not go down. Aries are usually quick to cope with anger.


Taurus patience can only envy. He long ceremony with the abuser, sometimes even a blind eye to minor mischief. But do not spit into the soul of Taurus. If you bring him, he immediately put you in your place. It will track down your Achilles' heel, and immediately strike. But to physical attacks, as a rule, are not an issue.


Remember: Gemini trifled with. The still waters run deep ... Do not know what to expect from this zodiac sign - giving himself fully fit of anger, he can reach and battering, but then, perhaps, regret for what he did. Twins are very unpredictable today they laugh with you over the seemingly innocent joke, but tomorrow it will be at their own expense and hid a blood grudge against you, which will not be silent.


Crayfish - is extremely vulnerable and touchy creatures. They perceive everything to heart. Representatives of this sign is very difficult to survive injury. They will sigh, thinking about why and what for, throwing against the offender angrily sad sight. But it is likely the cancer is limited. Cancers rarely revenge. But if you really hit home - beware! Revenge Crabs skilfully they are working on a plan of revenge for a long time in the details, and then quietly strike at the weakest place of the offender.


Lions - narcissistic egoists. They do not tolerate any insult to your own address. Get a slap on the abuser and did not understand the essence of things, they immediately strike back. Lions, like anyone else, know that the best weapon - the word, so they are often hurt, practicing eloquence. Their angry speeches, usually instantly paralyze the offender. But the Lions did not know how long to conceal the offense. They are not vindictive, so the next day of their wrath can be no trace.


"I'm not vindictive, just angry, and my memory is good" - these characteristics precisely describe the nature of the Virgin. Virgo knows that such a place is not hearsay. Representatives of this sign are unconventional: they nurture a grudge for a long time, looking for a weak spot, and finally applied to the offender, firing ... but not his hands. Gossip, rumors, intrigues - exclusive style Virgin.


Scales are very touchy as ever drift between a good and a bad mood. They are incredibly sensitively perceive everything spokesman said in their address and take any taunts at his own expense. But, oddly enough, the scales did not have a clue what a place. In the worst case - momentary flash of anger, screaming, a scandal, or a balance can tell everyone about what you are bad, then forget everything and be happy to make peace with the offender.


Scorpio - the most vengeful and vindictive representative of star signs. And if you're offended by the Scorpio, but he still continues to smile in your eyes, make no mistake, he just nursed a grudge and hatched a plan for revenge. It may even go so far as to Scorpio on you nashlet damage done by a voodoo ritual or just podsypet glass into your salad.


Archers in the mastery of revenge can sometimes outdo Scorpio and Leo together. They tend to be lenient towards the offender, because they believe it is a miserable creature unworthy of his attention. Sagittarius is in no hurry to take revenge, he will hold the offender for all the circles of hell, but it will be gradual. His place is usually beautiful and thought-out.


What are you, the representatives of this sign do not take offense. No-COH-da! They simply hang up on people labels and divide offenders into two categories: the first - a "dust", which simply makes no sense to take offense, the second - it is those in power who are Capricorns for its own sake will not seek revenge, but to do so the offender came to him and he apologized.


Aquarius - the wizard to do mountains out of molehills. They imagining offense even where it did not. Aquarians do not take revenge, they flick of the wrist strike out the offender from your life. But when the offense caused someone very near and dear Aquarius people, he only resorted to a public scandal. All these absurd scene he usually seasons child's play in the silences.


Pisces - emotional masochist-Samoyeds. Almost all fish during fights using the same script. They spared themselves a long time looking for reasons for them, poor things, so ugly received. The wound inflicted by offense does not heal and picks open for years. But it is unlikely you will be able to witness the revenge of the fish. Representatives of this star sign will try to reach out to the conscience of the offender and can squeeze out of yourself or tear the letter in question. But it is, perhaps, everything ...

Well, coincidence? It is clear that in the world there are no two identical Representatives, for example, the same Pisces or Gemini. Each person is unique and each has its own cockroaches in my head. Nevertheless, all the signs of the zodiac have shared key features, the knowledge of which can greatly help you to uncover the human essence. Your friend does not know how to make peace with the representative of Libra? Do not hesitate to share with him this article!

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