Panic attack: self-help techniques

If You're not ready to go to a psychologist to work on the problem of panic attacks (PA), You will be helpful to learn and remember some self-help measures, which You can use everywhere and always, and completely free. But remember, knowledge does not negate their appeal to the specialist!

Self-help consists of 2 groups of methods: situational and preventive. The group situation are the methods of emergency self-help at the first symptoms of anxiety and panic. To the group of preventive — the actions that a patient undertakes in advance in a calm, safe environment to reduce anxiety levels and prevent the development of panic attacks.

In many article with a lot of information about the reasons for the PA on symptomatic and so, interestingly, but almost melipramine. Here we describe briefly the method itself, without consideration of causes and mechanisms (i.e., explanations of why this method helps).

Method I. the Regulation of breathing.What happens with your breathing when the anxiety is growing and you fear and panic?

(He who does not know the answer, watch the breath at the time of development of the PA).

3 types of regulation:1. Take any pack, hold it tightly to the face so that the nose and mouth were inside the package, exhale and inhale on the package and from the package. Remember that the outside air should not enter inside of the package!

The second condition is: breathe possibly quieter and slower. How long? Until then, when symptoms of PA will begin to weaken.

Advantages: do not need special training package, you can always carry.

The disadvantages of this method: some difficult to do it in a public place, and the PA often happen there.


2. Instead of a package you can breathe in the folded Cup the palm of your hand. To breathe also it should be possible, smoothly and slowly.

Advantages: can be used anywhere without attracting attention to himself.

Disadvantages: this method is less effective than using the package.


3. Slow breathing, belly breathing. Work out in advance. To do this, place hands on stomach, bottom right, top left. Then, on the count of 1, 2, 3, inhale and inflate the abdomen like a ball. On account 4 and 5 hold your breath. On account 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 make a long exhalation. Repeat this at least 10-15 times.

Advantages: don't need to carry the body quickly enough relaxes, PA retreat.

Disadvantages: they are not.


Method II. Distraction.PA increases because of the concentration on the symptoms and obsessive thoughts that inevitably begin to spin in my head.

Remember, your goal is to divert attention and to shift attention from internal to external.

1. Account.

Consider any items. It can be buttons on the coat the person next to you, white car passing you, the lighted Windows in the house opposite, or subtract 7 from 100 and continue.

2. Gum.

Stock up on the usual elastic band, which tie up the Bank notes. Wear it on your wrist and when you feel the symptoms of PA, click the rubber band.

3. Pinch

The pinch will come, if there is no gum pain or prevent the development of PA or will distract you and give you time to apply other first aid measures.

4. A game of imagination.

Imagine yourself in a peaceful and pleasant place. One my client could not go to the banks, helped her to overcome your fear of the idea that she goes through Paris, admiring the beauty of the squares and parks that she had a scheduled meeting with a friend in one of the cafes, and now she will go to the Bank, withdraw the money and... the Flight of your imagination are endless.

5. Switch.

Switch from one activity to the opposite. Thus it is necessary to comply with a condition, activity needs to reassure you. For example, if PA hits you the chills, feel cold hands and feet, if you're at home, stand under a hot shower, pour the bath or at least wash your face with hot water. If PA caught you on the street, go to a café and order hot tea.

6.Concentration of thought.

Focus all your thoughts on everyday matters. It is a return to the fact that you did not complete or was going to do before the panic attack will stabilize you. Nothing soothes better than everyday concerns.

7. Singing.

Think of a funny slogan home about PA, practice in advance and sing it to the tune of any songs, Stobie went as funnier.

Composed with the client N. poem, wrote it down on a piece of paper. She carries it with him at the right moment and pulls out a piece of paper and sings or reads with expression.

"In 101st times to die,

Hello, my panic attack!

All this bullshit, I shall not die today

From this attack!"


8. Smile.

Try to smile. Concentrated their thoughts on this action. At first it will be difficult and a smile that would resemble a grin, but over time, the muscles will get used to it, the smile will estestvennie and muscles more rasslablenie.

9. See a psychologist, it will help to solve the problem.


What not to do in PA. 1. To measure blood pressure, pulse and temperature at emergence of the slightest thoughts: what if?...

2. Call mom, dad, husband, wife and other relatives and friends.

3. To avoid the places and situations in which there was PA.



Avoidance exacerbates the next time the panic will be difficult to survive.

This state – signal that in our life something is wrong, to understand what exactly is wrong, You will help a professional psychologist.published

Author: Oksana Litvinova

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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