Are you sure that You need stress to make money?

I've never met problems related to work or money that would not problems thinking. I used to believe that I need money to be happy. Even when I had a lot of them, I often became sick because of the fear that something terrible's gonna happen, and I lose it. I realize now that no amount of money is worth the stress.

If you live with the uninvestigated thought "I need the Money in order to feel confident and protected", it means that your state of mind is hopeless.

Banks fail. The stock market is crashing. The money worthless. People lie, break contracts and promises not kept. In this troubled state of mind you can earn millions of dollars and still be insecure and unhappy.



Some people believe that fear and stress push them to making money. But can you really know that's true? Can you be absolutely sure that without fear or stress as a motive you are unable to earn the same money or even more?

"I need fear and stress to motivate" — who would you be if I never believed in this story?

After I found a Job within itself, — after she found me, I began to notice that I always had as much money as I needed at the moment, even if they were few or did not exist.

Happiness is a clear mind. A clear and sane mind knows how to live, how to work, what emails to send, what phone calls to make, and how to create what he wants, without fear. Who would you be without the thought: "I need the Money in order to feel safe"? Perhaps you would find it much easier to communicate. Perhaps you even began to understand the laws of generosity, the laws of parting with money without fear and the laws of their return — also without fear.

You never would need more money than you have. When you realize this, you begin to realize that you already have the confidence you wanted in the first place, with money. It is much easier to earn money from this position.

Author: Byron Katie

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