7 things that don't impress me

I began to look at the world a little differently since, as we have decided to do fewer things. I had another look at how society defines success. Too often, those who earns, spends and saves the most, will automatically become successful. But it's bad. I know several wonderful people who have decided not to focus on material things, and that is why they are not considered successful.

Us very deeply embedded dependence on social approval. And so many people are looking for more "worthy" pursuits, erecting a kind of facade of his success.



Here is a small list of things that don't impress me:

1. Clothing brand I'll never understand why it is so important the brand name on the clothing label. Very often people pay for the opportunity to become a walking Billboard. I have no surprise the logo on the shirt, wallet or watch. Instead, I admire those who can impress his personality and character.

2. The number of carats in jewelry In my new book there is a Chapter about Brian and Nicole, who have been married for 5 years and every day in something to deny yourself in order to repay the debt for the engagement ring. Maybe someone and marveled at the size of the stone, but most do not even notice. Is it worth such efforts?

3. The cost of the car of Course, car safety is very important, especially if we spend a large amount of time. But now luxury and sports cars become something more than just a means of transportation: for example, now it is rather a good way for 60 seconds to impress a stranger, while burning a red light.

4. The area of the house Own house — the guarantor of stability and peace, and I was really proud when I bought a house for his family. But a few years ago we moved to a smaller house, and I have never regretted this decision. When I drive past large houses, I think of how happy we are in our small and cozy nest.

5. The size of your Bank account the absolute indicator of success in the modern world is the size of a personal condition. We are not the first in this approach: such standards existed at all times. But, perhaps, the number of accumulated funds in the Bank account is not a measure of success? Maybe the number of good deeds that we are able to make throughout life, a much better measure?

6. Mobile phone model a few days ago I was walking in the Park with their children and their friends. I was very surprised, but most of all the kids talked about technologies. "What's your iPhone? What is the model of my iPod? Guess who is on his birthday gave a new smartphone?" Children under the age of 10 years spend the time to discuss modern technology. And I wanted to kill them, but time came around: adults, actually, are far from gone.

7. Photos on social networks Almost every publish beautiful pictures of their lives — from new clothes and restaurant food photos from concerts and wings of aircraft. These images are selected carefully and published only the most interesting moments. Weird, but then we blame the glossy magazines and advertising in excessive use of photoshop, while themselves mandatory editable their lives before they can share them on social networks. published

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