3 situations in which you can know a person

Man's best to learn in three situations:
in solitude — so here it removes all the flashy;
in the throes of passion — because then it forgets all my rules;
in the new circumstances — as he leaves his habits.
©Francis Bacon

How often in recent times we hear the phrase, "I gave so many years to him, but did not know him" or "I loved her so much but she betrayed me".

And you begin to wonder if we know someone well enough, because there are times when you do so, it would not have done ever before, just a couple of days ago. And no need to blame it all on magnetic storms, external circumstances or the "insidious" envious. All because of our naivety, lightweight nonsense, fantasy and the belief that people can change, or that a favorite person will be there always.

The pain is the same variable as the body and soul, as joy, anger or jealousy. To pain can be used only under one condition: to let her be present in her life. Most pain cause those whom you love and trust. Their words hurt more painful acts crazy, but indifference makes you kill yourself mentally. Self-blame can not bring happiness, under any circumstances, the guilt just eats at the soul, and anger kills the remnants of optimism and faith. Having received a "strike" is not worth living memories of him.

You should dedicate all their time and energy to start life from scratch. From itself will not go away, even if will be a great actor. Your thoughts are your Navigator, so it is better to score him the right coordinates.

Sometimes you need to look at a loved one from the side to understand, that ideal people do not exist, there is only "my" and "favorite". Why not put aside all dreams of a perfect world and take a sober look at the real facts.

So, the man can best be read:

1. In solitude — so here he disclaims all ostentatious.

Only alone can we take a sober look at painful things, to throw away the opinions of others and draw your own conclusions.
Our conscience speaks to us in silence, for example, before going to sleep a thousand thoughts attack our minds, hundreds of questions, like thunder, breaking the silence of the night. Only in these moments we can say out loud what you really want, what or to someone in need, what you dream about and strive for.

Aloud about the hidden speak only with myself, because the fear of "being heard" worse than any torture. All our fears long shoots a thick skin is a protective emotion, light and the eternal lie of self-deception.

Only loneliness and an honest conversation with yourself will help to know yourself without the usual secular routines, other people's influence and the friends of childhood "is to you not under force".


2. In the throes of passion — because then he forgets all the rules.

Unfortunately, each of us is cruel, each stored vessel with anger and indignation.During an argument one of us pours a fountain of profanity, threats, insults, and, ironically, honesty. We know the "Achilles ' heel" of the interlocutor, and specifically press on it stronger.

We, as snipers, see a goal and do not know of barriers. It is in these moments we reveal the soul and thoughts.You need to be afraid of myself in these moments, because sometimes we know ourselves so deeply that you will not be able to forgive this terrible "exposing" himself.

We choose how to live, what to do and with whom to communicate. We write their story by hand, based on personal experience and their hopes, but the impulses of passion discover our previously unknown faces, and they are not always a cause for pride.

3. In the new circumstances — as he leaves his habits.

We the people system, graphics slaves and travelers case. Everybody has their own system of merging with the circumstances.

People get used to everything, at any age and on any continent. Someone scrambles up, clenching his teeth, and someone who goes with the flow, like it's the only way to survive.

And no one should be blame or praise, because judges can be sinless, but each of us the conscience of at least one peccadillo, and "lit up". And a new place, change of team or "exile" out of the comfort zone open up our true face. We all wear masks and change them automatically at the right moments.

We are alone with family, friends and others in the team wear a mask called "good". We always want to be better than we really are, but if we honestly admit to ourselves, to the ideal all of us to go indefinitely.

But there is nothing scary or deadly, because each of us has a man who loves and accepts all of our "technical error".

For a man is to live, work and create.

Don't be afraid of mistakes, because they are created in order to be made. But remember that at your limit of patience too has its limits. published

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