What is the use of raisins for Your health

It turns out that this product came about by accident. In ancient times the grapes used for making wine, but most of it just dried up, and not having to get into production. Dried fruit turned out to taste people, it turned out the raisins. Today, the dried fruit is used everywhere in cooking to give the dish its "flavor", in cosmetics to maintain the beauty and health for the treatment of many diseases.

Useful properties of raisinsThe raisins more useful properties than fresh grapes, and dark Beers are more useful light. In Central Asia it is called the "berry of health."


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The product contains huge amount of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals:

— potassium helps the heart, kidneys, and heart muscle to work properly, a positive effect on the skin;

magnesium is struggling with poor health and sleep disorder;

— iron good anemia;

boron helps calcium to be absorbed in the body, and the calcium – healthy bones;

— Niacin contributes to the normalization of the nervous system;

— oleanolic acid strengthens the immune system and protects cells from free radicals;

— vitamins B1, B2, B5 also improve sleep.

Raisins relieves fatigue, suppresses anger, and calms the nervous system, it can be eaten as a sedative, for depression. Only it should be understood that a large number may adversely affect the person's weight because of the high caloric content of the product. Raisins prescribed as a preventive and antitussives, for colds.

Dried fruit good for your teeth and gums, antioxidants are present in it, inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria in the mouth. Consequently, frightening visits to the dentist are reduced. In addition, raisins contain phytonutrients that fight tooth decay and have a beneficial effect on tooth enamel.

Use of dried grapes in the ability to eliminate swelling. And all because the product contains potassium, which enhances urinary secretion and removes toxins from the body. Raisins helps in cases of poisoning, struggling with boils, jaundice, pneumonia, hypertension and bronchitis.

This is a great way to reduce pressure and increase sexuality. Raisins are a great alternative to the bad chocolates, those who can not imagine their lives without sweets, the product comes to the rescue.

Dried fruit is particularly essential for pregnant women because it contains a lot of iron, but expectant mothers often suffer from anemia. Iron deficiency adversely affects development of the child, so the raisins increases the level of hemoglobin. Nursing mothers should also enter in your diet raisins, which improves the production of breast milk.

The dangers of raisins, contraindicationsRaisins, like everything else, has a "dark" side. First, it is calorie. 100 grams of dried berries has 294 Calories and this has a negative impact on the figure. Although this factor still has a dual existence. Many nutritionists say that a raisin is a dietary product, therefore, it is possible and even necessary to eat during a diet. All people with excess weight, not recommended dried grapes.

The second disadvantage of dried fruit – high sugar content, people with peptic ulcer disease and diabetes raisin is contraindicated. You should avoid dried grapes and those who have individual intolerance or Allergy. You should not eat raisins, if the patient has acute heart failure, exacerbation of duodenal ulcers or active tuberculosis.

If you do not get involved in the dried fruit, no harm. A healthy person raisins required, because it is a true product of his youth, with cough, therapeutic, antibacterial, restorative, healing properties.


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