The wheel of Life —exercise is only 1 minute: find out what You are driving on the road of life!

This exercise should be done at least once a month to see what You are driving on your way of life.

All human life consists of different aspects: Finance, health, love, leisure, etc. it is important to try to maintain a balance in all directions. Otherwise for you it will make Life itself.

A lot of work – get sick and get a leave of absence, do not follow health – sooner or later have to seek help from doctors.

As for the exercises, it is quite well known, but You personally — when it did the last time? And whether You do it monthly?

Take a sheet of paper and redraw it on the wheel from the picture.

Now evaluate your progress in each area on a scale from 1 to 10.

And then connect the marks your success line in a circle.

The result is your personal Wheel of Life, and with it understanding what you personally need to pay more attention to, and what – less. In what areas do you have imbalance.

By the way, do not despair if you have none of the scale there is no assessment in 10 points. Typically the 10 – a sign that soon you'll in this area qualitatively new changes, revaluation of values.published


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