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Before starting the repair of an apartment, the landlord calculates his costs, then there is a rough estimate of costs. Budgeting should begin with the list of works that should be performed.

It would be correct to independently calculate their costs. In compiling the list of works shall separately list and number of necessary materials. For example, you must change the Wallpaper. To learn the cost, you need to measure the wall and calculate how many rolls you need to purchase and at what price. Also in this price you must add the price of glue, but if the walls are uneven, then counted and the plaster.

In compiling the list of works it is necessary to consider even those that are externally not visible. But for the layman to consider all types of works almost impossible, so you can refer to the estimator-Builder. Estimator according to the provided measurements and a preliminary list will be the estimate reflecting all repair and other related works and materials needed and their cost.

Then you need to visit a supermarket and check the price of the materials. And then you can calculate the repair costs. The store should check the cost of delivery of materials and also to consider these costs.

In that case, if the repair is to execute the construction team, the negotiation of price you need to invite a few contractors and a little tender. Each contractor, after reviewing the scope of work, provide their estimated cost. After that you need to compare the ordered estimates and those provided by invited suppliers. It should be remembered that the first estimator is not an interested party, and therefore the estimate that would be closest to the original, will be the most truthful.

The fact that some contractors in their estimate mortgage value of the materials purchased, the same applies to quality. Therefore, the purchase of materials is best done by, or to control the process.

It is better to conclude the contract with the construction company. Of course, the cost of the repair will be slightly higher, but there is a possibility to legally require the removal of deficiencies, if any, will suddenly arise, after all, serious firms value their reputation.

Need to know what the cost estimate could increase, but only when there is additional work. In this case, organization is an additional agreement on increasing the volume and cost of works. In this work the estimate with a description and list of required materials.published


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