Tips for repair without harm to health

Original data: panel "kopeck piece" area of 60 sq. m. the Previous repair was carried out 12 years ago. Now there is required: replacement of Wallpaper, partial alignment of walls, painting of ceilings, installation of suspended ceilings, sanding parquet flooring, replacing tile in bathroom, replacement interior doors, remodeling and insulation of balconies with the aim of turning her into a dressing room.

The whole complex of works completed in my apartment. The author is ready to share with you the experience that the son of errors difficult, and to give a few tips. Suddenly come in handy. So, step by step.1.Search professionals. If your friends and colleagues don't know and proven masters of repair, look for them on the Internet. For 12 years the Moscow market of services has become much more civilized. Now many sites with lists of repair teams, ranked by rating. It is clear that the owners of the site all it can "to draw". But last year selected interactive way brigade repaired in our apartment kitchen, the guys did everything right, now I hired them for basic repairs.2. Estimates should be prepared in advance. Most likely, the foreman will suggest her to make. Prices "Moscow" in General, standard and high. Of course, you can do as I did 12 years ago: to invite friends via a team from the province. Most likely, these guys will do it cheaper. But I have specialists from Bryansk when they changed the wiring, connected the copper wire with aluminum, why some time later, almost had a fire.3. Studying the estimate, you will see that quite a lot of money is spent on dismantling and think, and not whether to do it yourself. It was a good idea. At least you will be able to remove the baseboards, disassembled shelves in the loggia and to remove there from the walls of clapboard. This and other construction debris (it will be a lot) perfectly recovers the janitor for a small promotion.4.My experience has shown that the materials for repair is it worth buying in the construction market, not the supermarket. Maybe you will be different, but I greatly regretted, when part of the material ordered in a well-known online store. First, to make an order, had to literally hunt for a consultant in the season are tearing it apart other buyers. Second, before delivery I was called and told that one item, the most volume – foam polystyrene sheet – in was not available. It was like, and now there is. Third, several other items brought not instead of the galvanized screws are not galvanized, "crabs" for drywall is not branded as I ordered, and the other, flimsy and so on. Third, if you prefer "in-store" option when unloading materials at the entrance to carefully count all the boxes, sacks, sheets, jars, and packages. Yes – highly recommend. Otherwise, then nothing to prove. On the market all you buy quickly and without problems. You will not go for sellers, as they are for you. 5.Harmonization of redevelopment no special horror does not. At least it was in my case. It was necessary to obtain permission to demolish the brick wall between the storage room in the depth of the loggia and the loggia – and I got it. The one stop shop in Moscow is working properly. Virtually no queues. All of my expenses (on production of a new registration certificate of the apartment, the rest is free) amounted to 2 thousand rubles. They would have made and is 1780 rubles, but the terminal in one window does not surrender (this is me honestly warned), and to go to branch of the savings Bank from-for 220 rubles, I was too lazy.6. In advance discuss with your team who and what fees will raise purchased building chemistry in the apartment. If not discuss, the cost of this additional work will have to coordinate standing at the entrance in front of a mountain of bags, cans and coils, or to participate in drag and drop of goods. Even for a person with sports in the past is not always a lot of fun.7.To clarify the question of who and on what conditions to buy the missing materials. Repairmen in the process, definitely not enough buckets of grout, then cans of paint, then they have consistently broken three of the drill on concrete, fail paint roller and end plugs. This is the normal working time, but there needs to be clarity. Or the owner is worn like Sivka-burka at the middle of the shops, or the guys solve problems on their own. For example, this morning on my way to work one of them drives onto the market and make the right purchase.8. Single story with hardwood floor. And individual experts. Now I know that the hallway was better to replace the floor tile. And also keep in mind that the price of a good sanding (to increase the capitalisation they call her "evrositi") is considered non-expendable supplies, then the price is added to the result. Plus replacing individual parquet blocks. In General, be ready that these works will cost you more than 1000 rubles per square meter.9.Warm floor on the balcony is also a separate issue. The most advanced version to date, is a film infrared coating. But there is one problem. The apartment I located in the rotary section of the house, so loggia trapezoidal shape, it tapers to far from the window side. A significant portion of this building after insulation will be occupied by cabinets. For them, the film can not be put. Therefore, it should be stacked as efficiently as possible, the rest of the area, possibly covering it completely. But the film can be cut into rectangles with a side of 50 cm And if the walls constrict, large sections of the floor will remain without heating. So, big news: for two years abroad launched production of infrared film, which can cut not only straight, but obliquely. Most of our sellers and builders don't know it yet. But I found the Taganka progressive company that sold me such a wonderful floor, and she mounted.10. And never do not cram a bunch of plastic skirting on the balcony, cluttered boxes, bags and dismantled wardrobes! So you will twist some of the floor, they will have to throw it away and buy a new one.



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