Repair "turnkey"

Seventy million eight hundred seventy-nine thousand nine hundred fifty-seven

Each repair has its own characteristics, some remember her as the most horrible dream, but this could have been avoided if you prefer this service, as a "repair of apartments turnkey". You will need only to coordinate all the necessary work, to draw up an appropriate plan. This scheme is quite often carried out repair of offices lions. It is very convenient, however, you can pay more than the cost of all these works, as there is little control over the workers. If you still prefer a repair of apartments under the key, then you know about the risks that may arise from financial issues. If to speak about repair of offices in Lviv, it is worth noting that a certain company is the contract by which work and workers, but because they are on a specified budget will not work, because each change requires additional coordination and funding that may not always be implemented, because the company's plan to advance funds for certain works, often these questions are written in the budget for the year.


During the selection, repair and construction firms can take the advice of friends, looking to repair them and inquiring about any identified deficiencies. And you can look for yourself. And it is better to turn in a large firm that is legally responsible and has its own integrated team, and not to the private owners who use subcontractors — in this case, it would be difficult to determine who is to blame for poor quality work.Importantly, some experience in the market of construction services has company, she has a website where you can see examples of work. Remember that to make a quality repair is very cheap and in the shortest possible time — a task almost impossible. So please be patient.You are faced with a difficult task — to determine the cost of repairs. You have to walk around DIY stores, visit various websites to have a clear idea of what and how much. And before you start the search, measure the room — walls, floor, to know the area and calculate how much material — paint, Wallpaper, putty, laminate - you will need to repair. Also don't forget to calculated the amount to add another 30%. This is necessary in case if any material is damaged or in the repair process will need to change something.

Use these tips to avoid unpleasant situations during repair, since it is possible that during the execution of these works you will encounter unforeseen issues.



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