All the “pros” and “cons” of gel varnish: opinions on this issue doctors

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The aesthetic advantage of the gels along with the usual obvious. It lasts up to 3 weeks, not subject to mechanical damage and it can be used to carry any kind of design. Many beauty salons perform quality nail care using the router for a manicure and pedicure followed by application of gel Polish. But still do not cease the dispute about how it is harmful for the organism as a whole. To understand this is to listen to the expert opinions of doctors about this.

So whether harmful gel Polish to the nail plate and the whole body as many have argued:
  1. Lamp. The structure of the gel Polish consists of different kinds of monomers are exposed to ultraviolet rays tightly stiffen, thereby providing such long toe and the nail Polish. With the use of UV lamps and connected with this so-called danger to the body. Supposedly the UV rays can carry a threat to him. It would be so, if they are high frequency. But since they are used in minimum quantities, no harm there. However, if time does not replace the light bulbs, they really can identify substances which may adversely affect the nail plate. Therefore, it is important to maintain the shelf life and time to replace. When buying a UV lamp is not superfluous to clarify the availability of quality certificates for the products purchased.
  2. The quality of the gels. Defective product can cause many negative effects during application and wear. The price range for gel nail varnishes are incredibly wide. So for manicure it is important to choose only high-quality lacquers, which contain in their composition low harmful components. Before you do a manicure in the beauty salon is necessary to specify what kind of brands they use and find out all necessary information about them. Do not trust the gel lacquers with low price. Their quality can match. Much depends on the correct methods of applying and removing the coating.
  3. The technology of removing the gel Polish. As I mentioned earlier that the longer the socks, the stronger is the bond the gel Polish from the nail plate. If this happens, then in any case it is not necessary to tear off the coating. With it you can rip off and the top layer of the nail coating. And this is a definite harm to the nail. It is important to use high-quality solvents. Also should refuse metal instruments for manicure. It is best to use an orange stick. It is more gentle.

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