All you need to know before you decide on a gel varnish!

< Gel polish - this is a decorative coating for nails, preserving its resistance 2-3 weeks due to special polymers that when exposed to UV radiation harden and turn into a stable film.

Manicure with coated liked many ladies, he's a long time does not lose its original form. Hands long look well groomed.

Harm gel varnish all this rosy picture darkens the fact that the gel varnish - it is still a complex chemical compound, whose components during polymerization fused into the upper layers of the nail plate. Many women say that after the removal of the coating, their nails were in poor condition.

For remove the gel polish requires prolonged contact with a potent solution for at least 20 minutes, which is not the best way affects the condition of nails and cuticles.

It is better to abandon such a manicure, if you have too sensitive skin, there are moles or freckles on the hands: the radiation of UV lamps for drying varnish is very aggressive towards the skin and the nail plate
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Another point - allergic reaction If you are not completely sure of the reaction of the organism to a gel lacquer is better to make a preliminary allergy tests. Admonish the master, paints what brand she uses and what the reviews about their other clients.

And yet, if you did not scare the use of gel varnish, listen to the advice from the «Website» , which will help restore the affected nails.

How to restore your nails
To the nails were resistant to damage, eating sufficient foods containing calcium: yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese, eggs, sea fish. Notice the supplements with zinc, magnesium and iron. The monthly rate of these drugs will strengthen the nails and prevent their fragility.

Nail Care
After removing the cover give your nails a rest for a week. To eliminate yellowing, rub them with lemon juice daily. All work at home do with gloves to minimize the impact of household chemicals. In the evening, do hand massage with olive oil or jojoba oil - it moisturizes nail plate and cuticle

. It is well-proven gelatin bath: 1 tbsp. l. gelatin solution in 1 tbsp. hot water Pour the liquid into a bowl, cool slightly and sank into her hands for 20 minutes.

Nail Growth Acceleration
iodine bath improves the nail structure and accelerates their growth. In 200 ml of water 2 tbsp. l. salt and pour 1/2 Art. l. iodine. Immerse yourself in the hands of the liquid for 15 minutes, then rinse with water and apply a moisturizing hand cream.

Arguing that are harmful or not gel nail polish can be long. Experts recommend applying a resistant coating: 2 make manicure with gel polish, and then - break 3 months (covering medical varnish or conventional). Beauty and health to you!

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