5 luxurious hairstyles that can be done in just a few minutes!

Every woman in the holiday want to look like a real queen: looks beautiful dress, chooses the right makeup and, of course, think about the stylish hairstyle. But often it seems impossible - Make your own hairstyle

Today «Website» picked for you 5 options for hairstyles, which you easily handle itself.

How fast do my hair
Romantic knot
Braiding two braids at the temples, to connect them to the back of the head with a rubber band, and then tighten the small knot at the nape. Easy negligence in fashion this spring! Braided tail
Begin to weave Danish braid at the nape. Plaited braids half, then do a ponytail, securing the hair elastic. Stretch strand braids, so that it becomes a volume. To hide the rubber band wrapped her small strand of hair. The fish tail
Take away a few strands at the temples, and then the remaining hair braided pigtail "fishtail". After completing the weaving, take some stealth and casually fasten the remaining strands. Congratulations, your hair is ready! Low beam of nodules
Divide the hair into two parts, and tie a knot, and then secure it invisible. Bind up the second node and fix its invisible too. This hairstyle is sure to appeal to fans to experiment! Gourmet Spit
For this you need to braid hairstyles two ordinary braids. Collect a piece of hair on his head and the first braided plait. Then, from the bottom of the hair braiding second braid and twist it into a bun at the nape. Wrap the first skew the resulting beam and fix her hair invisible. That's the simple way you can get the ideal evening hairstyles!

This woman will tell you in detail, how to make a luxurious hair in just a couple of minutes. Take into service!

Perhaps these are not ordinary hairstyle lightly and do not look like the ones to which you are accustomed. But you can always do something like that, but in his own way.

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