The most stupid mistakes! That's why your lasting manicure gel Polish spoiled.

If gel Polish will not stay on nails as long as you would like, do not despair. Perhaps it is time for bitter regrets? Maybe you are making these 5 mistakes that fuck up the manicure in the first days after applying the gel Polish?

Everything is in your hands. If you try, you gorgeous looking nails will delight you in 2 times longer and not have so much to do manicure!

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Why not stay gel Polish
  1. If on the nail there is a crack in any case do not try to remove the coating material on hand, pry it off. Many women, seemingly so neat, I love violent means to remove varnish. What happens? Not only spoiled manicure, but scratched nail plate.

    If the coating starts to deteriorate, use nail glue to restore his integrity. Always wipe gel Polish only by special means: acetone will remove the gel nail completely, have to scratch nails, removing nail file remaining pieces of its former beautiful manicure.
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  2. Use the UV lamp for drying the gel coating is unacceptable. This last century, all good masters have long passed on LED lamp. New generation lamps does not damage the nails and skin, and also reduce the drying time of the varnish. But that's not all! Manicure, carefully dried under an LED lamp, will be stronger and will last much longer. It is necessary to ask the salon what kind of bulb will highlight your nails.
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  3. To make gel nail Polish last longer, the nails should not be dried! Oil for cuticle care and other oily skin products will help extend the life of delightful nail. Dry the nail plate repels the lacquer, it starts to deteriorate quickly to the thinning nails. You can use cocoa butter, coconut oil, sea buckthorn... the mass of Options!
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  4. Obviously, but still... If you I bite my nails or the skin around the nails, your manicure will quickly become inappropriate. This awful habit should finally be eradicated! "Cosmetics can make You beautiful on the outside, but it will not help if You're ugly in the shower. Unless You eat them..." does Not work! Eating the gel nail Polish, you swallow a toxic material.

    Unfortunately, many women in this sin, because I consider it my duty to mention this dreadful phenomenon.
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  5. Another culprit that can cause instant damage to the manicure. Overdue paint! Yes, he also has shelf life. It is worth wondering if the fresh funds, which the wizard will do the procedure. Another key moment — resistant coatings it is important to use all the tools for a manicure one line. You cannot mix tools from different manufacturers if you dream of long and high-quality coverage! See, please, for this detail, about which little who knows.
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