Gel for hair removal

One guy tried a unique gel to get rid of the hair and shared his opinion.
Read very rzhachno.

"Once I was told that my eggs resemble the sight of the old Rastaman, I decided to take the plunge and buy this gel, because previous attempts to shave not met with much success, besides, I just back yourself killed trying to reach
particularly hard to reach places. I'm a little romantic, so I decided to do it on the wife's birthday - another type of gift. I ordered it in advance. Since I work in the North Sea, I considered myself a tough guy and thought that the previous reviews written
some miserable office rat ... oh, my fellow sufferers, how wrong I was. I waited until my other half did not go to bed, and hinting at a special surprise, I went to the toilet. At first all went well. I apply the gel on the right places and waited. And very quickly it came. At first, I felt a warmth that was replaced a few seconds later a strong burning sensation and feeling, which I can only be compared with the feeling when you pull sharply cowards of barbed wire while trying to throw you to the ceiling. Before that evening I was not too religious, but at that moment I could not believe in any god, but he rescued me from the terrible burning sensation around sralnika and complete destruction of sausage and two eggs. Trying not to bite through his lower lip, I tried to wash away the gel in the sink, but I only managed to cram into the hole a tuft of hair. Through a veil of tears, I got out of the closet and went to the kitchen. In the kitchen to go, I could not, so that the last few meters to the fridge I crawled. Rolled out the lower chamber of the refrigerator, I found a tray with ice cream, tore off her cap and tucked under him. Relief was fantastic, but short-lived, because the ice melted quickly, and a hell of a burning sensation returned. - Tray was pretty small, so zhopny hole I could not help. I began to rummage through the box, hoping to find at least something - in my eyes it was so many tears, I saw a little something. I grabbed the bag, which, as I learned later, were frozen bean sprouts and break it, trying to do it as quietly as possible. I grabbed a few germs and unsuccessfully tried to hold them between the buttocks. It did not help - the gel, during, penetrated into the rectum, and now it has worked like a jet engine. I hope I'll never dream that turned out to be in the kitchen gay snowman - you realize how low I was ready to fall, to relieve the pain? The only solution that came up with my pivoted pain mad brain - gently poke a sprout wherever has not sprouted any one plant. Unfortunately, he heard strange groans from the kitchen, my wife decided to get up and find out what was wrong. She met a stunning view: I'm lying on the floor, otklyachila ass, which flows strawberry ice cream, and shove a bean with the words "Oh, well." This is undoubtedly shocked her, and she screamed in horror. I have not heard her come in, so that he was scared, my gut clenched spasm and shoot at considerable speed flew to her side. Yes, I understand that the germ of the bean, which fart in her direction at midnight - not quite the surprise, which she expected, and the next day the children have long to explain what happened to the ice cream ... well, thanks to Veet you can lose not only the hair on the body, but also the dignity and self-esteem))



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