Obesity in youth leads to dementia


Experts from Oxford have established a clear link between obesity at the age of 30 and the decline of mental abilities. Was overweight at a young age is extremely dangerous because it may provoke early-onset dementia.

British experts have calculated that the extra kilos in 30 years tripled the risk of illness. This scientific work has shown that it is not so dangerous itself obesity as the age in which man had to deal with it.

To such conclusions scientists came to the results of many years of observation, during which the researchers monitored the status of more than 400,000 people suffering from excess weight.

For example, a 30-tion of people with weight much higher than normal risk by 90% more to deal with dementia than their slender peers. 40-year-old women and men the probability to get Alzheimer's disease multiple falls compared with 30-year-old, but still remains quite high – 70%. In 50 years, this risk is 50%, and 60 year old – 40%. But 70 years does not matter, a man can have extra weight or not. Still the probability of extinction of mental activity is reduced in the same way.

As you know, under dementia understand acquired over time dementia is characterized by persistent reduction of cognitive activity. Dementia is often accompanied by various degrees of loss of previously acquired knowledge and skills, as well as partial obstruction or complete inability to purchase any new ones.

Although British experts were able to identify the pattern between age and risk for future Alzheimer's disease why obesity causes the development of this disease, scientists can not yet say. As the main possible causes researchers call the loss of the artery its elasticity, and also high blood pressure.

Earlier have managed to prove that with the increase in blood pressure blood increases the pressure on the aortic wall, and therefore there are multiple microarray vessels. Such hemorrhages provoked massive death of neurons, which is probably the cause of the violation of intellectual activity and memory.

Also do not forget that extra pounds can affect not only mental abilities but also for his personal life and career. Proven that fat people are less willing to start Dating and friendship. Experts at the University of Arizona found that the average fully one order of magnitude less friends than his more slender peers. The fact that fat people social environment affects, in particular, and on their career.

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