Business idea: Production of screws is a profitable business with an income of 4 000 000 rubles a year

Today you can observe a stable growth of the market of the construction business, even despite the crisis and high housing prices, the country's population still building something, buying an apartment, home, repair your home. If you decide to start your own business in this sphere, then from the start there will be many advantages that help the novice entrepreneur.

Let's start with the fact that in the manufacture of building materials, we need not fear about the rapid sale of the goods – the same screws, and we will produce them, do not spoil and can lie for years until you find a buyer. In addition, a lot of wholesale customers taking a large number of goods. We don't have to worry about customers, because finding only a few retail hardware stores and companies we provide continuous sales, without the cost of advertising and other marketing details.

It is also worth to emphasize the fact that for the production of screws, we don't need to hire a professional with a salary, no need to rent a large room in the center of the city. Of course, the equipment costs little more than the bakery, for example, but income is much more stable.

Now we will tell you about how to organize the production of where to open the business of manufacturing screws and all the nuances that make them undesirable for business. In the beginning, when clients will be, and costs will increase, encourage yourself that soon you will be making 4 million a year. And it is at least.

Tips for finding premises for the production of screws.

We've learned that the success of the production depends on where to be firm. Rightly so, because most businesses earn because of the involvement of a large number of clients, which offer easy access to company-seller. You don't need to rent expensive premises in the center of Moscow, because we sell not biscuits and screws. Buy them by the ton, is transported by trucks and on whether you are in the center or on the edge of town, the number of sales is not affected.

Most importantly the low cost of production and the quality of the screws, the rest of us to do the buyer. This is the first obvious plus of business for the production of screws, the cheapness of the leased premises.

The choice is huge, because we still repair and occupancy of the building and its cosmetic appearance. The main thing here should be reliable wiring and low rents. The best option – a compartment in an old maintenance room. Knead the rent in the amount of 5 thousand rubles, ridiculous money, even for small businesses. The room needs to be cleaned, to remove all the unnecessary things and bring electricity to a working state, then it's time to go.

How to start manufacturing screws – buy equipment.

The equipment will pull the largest part of our budget, as the prices are just huge. For example, a Japanese machine for the threading on the disc is 500 thousand rubles – a lot of money for a small business.

But don't worry, we know how to get out of this situation and now will tell you how to do it. For starters, you should know that to produce the screws will be the most simple way – to produce ingots of metal, and then cut the thread. There are more advanced ways, but they are expensive and are used only by industry giants.

Machine for forming blanks from the material would cost us 50 thousand rubles. You are a novice businessman, why just borrow from the Bank in order to buy the coolest equipment, if you have no marketing channels, and customized production. Great machine for shaping blanks can be bought in Russia – the domestic manufacturers offer such machines at a price 10 times lower than the Japanese. In addition, we need to buy a machine for threading blanks on ready it costs 60 thousand rubles, if you take from domestic producers.

The difference between "our" machines from foreign is speed. Domestic machines in conjunction give 50-60 screws per minute, while the Japanese — 250 pieces per minute. The difference is huge, but the price is ten times. For the novice businessman, who has no steady clientele, experience in this business and a large budget and fit a simple machine. Besides equipment, we also need to buy storage boxes for screws, small tools like shovels, buckets, gloves, and so on – it will cost us 6 thousand rubles.

Search of staff for the production of screws.

The production of this product does not require any special knowledge – if you buy equipment get it set up, brought to the place of production. You only need to fill up the material, press the start button and wait for the finished product. This is three times the advantage of this business do not need to spend money on expensive staff.

For starters, it is possible and to work on the production. I think in the power of any man to load the material, turn the work and go to do their business. It all depends on the wiring – if you trust the cable and connections, you can easily leave trade and go to work, but if there's a chance of fire or short – it is always better to be on the site.

In that case, if you don't have the time or desire to engage in the production himself, maybe it's not your only business, you can hire someone for this position. Salary of 10 thousand roubles is a great option for unemployed locksmith, you will quickly find a person on this place.

How to find a good buyer for our screws.

We will produce a huge number of products and we need to have regular buyers, is able to pick up all the goods – the only way we will be able to pay off. We have three options markets, hardware stores, construction firms and furniture factories. These customers buy many products, they have a constant need for screws and if we have a customer with the quality of its products and production time, it will be possible not to worry about sales. You can consider this the third plus the production of screws – if you found a client, the work he will be with you very long.

The first is to pay attention to the construction of shops – large retailers to easily accept products from a new manufacturer, after checking the quality. In a big city, Moscow, for example, there is a lot of construction hypermarkets, which you should refer to the proposal to sell your product. The benefit of the hypermarket that they will have to buy screws at 20 cents apiece, and sell for 40.

Construction firms and furniture manufacturers are also good clients, but to enter into a contract with them where is more difficult, because large firms already have a supplier. To lure a furniture factory it is possible to lower the price of goods, payment of delivery to the plant and other bonuses. During the crisis of the factory is easy to change supplier for lowering the cost of its products. And we don't need to spend money on advertising.

The expenses and income.

First we will calculate the costs of our business. One-off expenses amount to 110 thousand rubles for equipment 6 thousand on smaller equipment. In total at the start we have 116 thousand rubles. The cost of the operation is not very large – 5 thousand rent 10 thousand for the salaries of staff 15 thousand rubles a month on materials and 10 thousand for electricity. On functioning, we spent 40 thousand rubles per month.

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We will consider the profit on what you sell all their products at the lowest market price of 20 cents per unit. In a moment the machine produces 50 screws, that is the day 72 thousand screws. Based on the price of products, the daily profit is 14.4 thousand rubles per month – 432 thousand rubles. Subtract from this 40 thousand roubles on operation and taxes – will be about 350 thousand rubles, that is 4 million a year. published


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