How to save money on bathroom renovation

We decided to run a series of articles about how you can save on repairs. Today, you will find material about the bathroom, and in the future we will consider other rooms in the house. There are always tricks that can help to reduce estimates. So, what you need to do in order that the budget repair turned into a disaster?

You just need to change the detailsSometimes we think that repair in the bathroom for a thousand years and it's time to redo everything. But is it really? Sometimes it is enough to change the linens (hang bright, fresh towels), to upgrade the storage system to change something boring (mirror, Mat, stand for soap and toothbrush).

Such changes can be enough to bathroom again was to please you in the mornings and evenings.

As stated in the French proverb: "the Devil is in the details." By the way, the bathroom can decorate with things from other rooms: carved mirror, cover, ladder.

Interior designer Alena stark was able to create a Bohemian atmosphere in the bathroom due to the very cheap things from a flea market: vintage mirror and spicy dish.

Give new life to old thingsInstead of running to the store for new things, look in my bathroom. Maybe some things still have a chance? For example, instead of having to completely change the bath, you can restore it, re-covered it with enamel.

Stand under the sink can be such unusual things, like a sewing machine, singer, or Bicycle (this is in case you don't need extra storage). The kit can serve as a converted old suitcase (and if you attach it to the mirror, it is possible to make the multifunction thing), a towel holder can be a part of the chair (see picture!).

When the budget is bursting at the seams, awakens creativity and sometimes are born very interesting solutions.

Plan a budget and explore the proposalsin more detail Than you can before repairing paint how much you are willing to spend money, the more chances that you will greatly exceed your estimate (though larger than its 90% of people). Then we suggest you before heading to the store to see the online shops to be able to compare the prices of goods. The ability to seek better deals can render you good service and save a lot of money on purchases.

Search for alternative finishing materialsof Course, the price range on finishing materials can be very large, and you should choose them according to their capabilities (not overpaying for the brand, for example). Now there are many domestic manufacturers that offer finishing materials at affordable prices. A hack, which we want to talk about is the refusal of the tiles from floor to ceiling.

You can save on the amount of ceramic tiles used in the bathroom, laying her height of only 1.5 meters from the floor.

Choose simple thingsWhen changing the shower stall or Spa bath please note that the models with additional features cost more, this does not the fact that these technical characteristics (radio, lights, a rain shower) you will need in everyday life.

Do not neglect discounts and salesit would Seem, is the basic option, but not everyone is using it. Large retailers periodically hold sales of yesteryear. The product in the only the last instance is also often give a discount. I advise you to start collecting the components to repair a little in advance, to then not have to grab something in a hurry at an exorbitant price.


Do something for yourselfConstruction work is never cheap, so if you know how to do something with their hands, then repair may be the opportunity to demonstrate this. We are not talking about how to make complex communication (it's just better to trust the professionals!). You may be able to prepare yourself bathroom repairs: remove all the components and remove the tile. This is also a decent amount of money.

If you decide to lay tile yourself, it is best to take plain, it was not necessary to combine the figure. Paint the walls with waterproof paint — a simple matter at a certain skill. published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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