Errors when building your own home

They even allow the "professionals" hired for big money. But if you are building a country cottage, this siata will become your best assistant, than the experienced advice of a neighbor -"perpetual repair". So, in order.

Fig. 1. Cracks due to the lack of geological surveys


Geological surveyYour newly built house can easily collapse, if the design work was carried out geological surveys (fees - $30-60 per 1 m). They are required to determine the mechanical and physical characteristics of soil, its bearing capacity and geological predictions. Based on these data it becomes clear whether the home-bound to this site, which needs a Foundation (design depth). Need to know the nature of the groundwater, because if the pressure on the house will be greater than it can withstand, you will find water in the basement in the summer and cracks throughout the building during the winter.

 The well at the cottage, Some believe that if you use the well under the house in the winter, it can reduce the risks associated with the freezing of the pipes. Plus is protection from theft of the pump and clogging it from the outside. But the disadvantages of such a solution is more serious: if you need to wash out, repair the hole using large equipment or to get a fallen pump, it will be problematic. But the worst thing is the noise: the vibration and hum of the operating equipment will go all the bearing elements of the house.

Fig. 2. Unfinished disaster cottage

The layout of the site

It must produce during the design of the house. Do not locate Parking, paths and plantings along the roof — in the winter there will be falling ice and snow. Do not clamp Parking between the house and the fence, otherwise the snow will have to make from the Parking lot over the fence wheelbarrows — neighbors unlikely this will be happy. Plan for snow is a special place. For Parking take place to accommodate 2-4 cars to not block the passage. Tracks do not need to plan — they should appear naturally, when the tenants beat them. But not the builders, they have other routes. To a neighbor's house to draw a better brick wall than window. The facade, in spite of tradition to the recreation area and not outside the fence. And follow building codes: building codes and fire regulations, otherwise your home can carry on the court.


Even the model objects with the use of common designs and materials require the development of project documentation, confirmed by experts and guaranteed. What can we say about the individual building. Without the project there can be a mismatch of materials and construction technology, the design may become uninhabitable due to the subsequent deformation, the overall structure of the house may not be one that the customer need, as well as its operational features. The cost of designing cottage - $7-12 per 1 sq. m. When ordering the construction of the house project can be done for free (company: 1 2 3 4). And don't forget to draft a supply of communications!

Fig. 3. The architectural plan of a country house

EstimatesBelieving the hype about low-cost house, you risk to build with a minimal set of components, not suitable for living. And then you will be in addition to extort money to "warming for winter, Foundation strengthening and thickening of the joists for flooring". And this is only the beginning. Ask for a complete estimate on labor and materials (each action at each stage) and attach it to the contract, the cost of which is also necessary to know for each item.

Often superintendents, not having construction education, include in the estimate only 40% of the work! Therefore it is better to pay professional estimators ($140-300, the term for 1-5 days, company: 1 2 3), then to not pay millions. Besides competent estimates (not less than 502 of cost items) will save you from the misappropriation of materials.

MarkupIn the house project or the architectural plan is not always the same specify the basic dimensions of the house. So, the problems with markup (and, respectively, and further construction) occur when it is not clear whether the basic sizes on walls or the Foundation (perimeter Foundation often more)? And the size of the axes internal or external?

Fig. 4. A check without the name of the product

  • With builders in words about anything to not agree to do any agreement in writing, otherwise then you will not be able to convincingly say "remodel".
  • Keep all receipts and contracts for purchases — it is necessary to reconcile with the estimate and warranty on materials. Moreover, if a receipt does not contain the product — demand commodity.
  • Follow the quality of construction at least once a week, fix errors in writing with an application photo and signature of the representative of the developer.
  • Check the quality of the materials, personally being present at the site at the time of their importation. If the quality does not meet the stated — do not accept materials that do not sign the certificate of acceptance, and assure photograph and signature of the person who brought them. Then write a claim to the Builder with written confirmation of him receiving it! To claim, please attach these pictures.
  • Don't pay all the money upfront in case of problems, you do not return them. Pay for work in stages, fixing the item in the contract. Stage of the work produced — you check the deadlines and quality make the act of acceptance — pay. And so on each stage.
  • Register your house as quickly as possible. In the event of any litigation with neighbors (for example, failure to comply with SNiP) the court recognizes the right for those who had registered the estate.
  • Know this: the house, significantly less than $20,000 is for the living room. published


Author: Olga Olecka

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©




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