How often do You do not do what you want, and what you have? A few words of self

If you treat neurotic natures, you often do not do what you want, and what you have. A healthy person never does what it should. And if it is something you do not want to do, he does only what is must do.

Replace needs to have, and you will immediately become easier. Then if you are forced to make your birthday, invite yourself fewer people.

Neurotic can tolerate. A healthy person will not be tolerated. But he can endure. When I'm under water, I have to endure and not to breathe. In the meantime, I pereterplyu, I only do those things that would have helped to escape from under the water.

Frame from the film "Pokrovskie Vorota",1982

The worst thing in this life is dependent on the other person. While I is dependent, then do only those things that stresses me out the dependence on someone else. If I'm financially dependent on parents, then all my things sent to from this relationship to get rid of.

If so reasoned the young people, she would never go to discos holidays, etc. until escaped would be out of dependency of parents. The same applies to dependence on a husband or wife, boss and so on. And leads to independence skills to the level of the highest professionalism. Neurotic often fighting for the status. Otherwise, how else can you explain the fact that many students try to bribe to get a higher rating. If he was concerned about the skills of the two, may be happy. Not too bad once again to talk with a knowledgeable person

Neurotic is considered with all the circumstances. A healthy person is considered only with their needs, all the other circumstances into account.

Neurotic often feels a sense of guilt. Healthy people in similar situations experiencing only disappointment.

Neurotic touchy. A healthy person insulting words in his address perceives as friendly criticism and tries to improve, and if it is not concerned, he just is not paying attention.

Neurotic, greedy, healthy, lean.

Neurotic, cowardly and anxious, healthy prudent.

Neurotic, stubborn, persistent healthy.

Neurotic, lazy, healthy, creative.

The neurotic seeks to maintain the status quo. Healthy is committed to a new unknown.

If you found neurotic traits, kill hope for a better and enjoy a correction. A healthy person does not hope. He knows that neuroticism is not in place. He deepened and sooner or later will lead to disease. published

Author: Michael Litvak

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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