Delicate pastel shades in Christmas decorations

To create a Christmas design using a variety of style decisions and color choices. Soft, pastel hues fill the space with freshness, sweetness and romance. This is the actual palette for a small room, as dark colors visually will decrease and make uncomfortable.

To create a new year atmosphere using pastels, use one or two shades. An excessive amount of colors, even calm, overloads the situation. To the pastel shades include light, quiet color – pink, pale blue, milky, cream, ivory, gold and silver.

Designers usually combine warm colors with a vintage-inspired direction. The walls and furniture decorated with thematic postcards, Christmas decorations, garlands, balloons pastel shades, masks, hoods, etc. will support the specified style. A few vintage jewelry, combined with modern elements, will be perfect Christmas environment.

To make things old-fashioned, with his own hands, should seize improvised things. Garlands, branches, ornaments with lots of glitter, beads, artificial snow, ribbons, snowflakes are quite perfect for creating a festive mood. Do not forget about hanging socks for gifts from Santa Claus – they don't necessarily have to be the usual red.

For the table it is desirable to choose a tablecloth that color as the main festive song, a Christmas tree or Christmas wreath. Holders for napkins, decorations on glasses, candles and candle holders soothing tones ideal for a romantic Christmas atmosphere. Warm colors in interior design will add magic to the holidays.



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