Noble color Marsala in interior design: 5 inspiring ideas

The color Marsala is beautiful in its natural naturalness and warmth, it evokes many pleasant associations — from juicy pomegranate seeds and velvety notes of red wine to warm autumn sunshine and lush chrysanthemums. The name of this noble shade gave a special sort of wine produced in the eponymous town in Sicily.


Professional designers around the world enthusiastic: the color of the coming year is not just incredibly stylish, elegant and self-sufficient, but also goes well with a variety of partners, creating unexpected color harmony. The interior is wine red can transform a space, making it cozy and homey, and in combination with bright colors to ignite energy and cheerfulness. Especially for you we have gathered the best ideas for using tones of Marsala as additional and main color in interior decoration. Idea # 1: Marsala + turquoise

Classic companions for warm red to various shades of turquoise and greenish-blue. Uniform rules do not exist, the saturation cool colors depends on the mood you want to create in your interior. For a more relaxed environment you should choose a pale blue and pale turquoise shades and red to give preference to a little covered tones. If your goal is to create a bright interior, choose energetic, vibrant turquoise companions.



  Idea # 2: Marsala + shades of white

Marsala feels surrounded by bright, natural colors. In combination with white, vanilla, cream and pearl this color makes the interior cozy and homely space, natural shades of bleached wood add to his nobility. Only a small accent in the form of blankets or more pillows, to achieve the desired visual effect.



  Idea # 3: Marsala + green

This combination, created by nature itself, seems at first glance simple and straightforward, but needs to be treated with special attention and sensitivity. In order not to lose the clarity and vibrance of the red, it is better to choose a muted green, similar in hue to a brownish Sepia. If you have chosen a ringing herbal green, wine companion should make a soft and razbelennye.



  Idea # 4: Marsala + grey

Gray is an elegant neutral background, highlighting the various shades of wine-red. A rich and bright shade of Marsala with gray should choose for the rooms is functionally more active: living room, kitchen and hallway. To create a soft and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom is better to combine shades of gray with a light and soft wine.


  Idea # 5: Marsala as the main color in the interior

Connoisseurs of atmospheric interiors with a vibrant personality may want to consider the color Marsala as the main. Space wine color looks warm and intimate, rich and energetic. To the interior it does not look overloaded, it is better to use related colors – warm shades of wood (oak, walnut, cedar), and brown and wine and black. published


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