"A woman is like a woman ... uncontrolled brahmastra, the atomic bomb."

Women have tremendous power.
In the Vedic literature understands the power of women. That women have such a strong influence.

Oh, women, beautiful creatures,
Drunken head is stronger than wine.
One look restrict the chest, breathing,
Oh, how much power given to you by nature.

Why is this happening, why? Because the woman a hundred times stronger in their influence than men. And says that "women are very powerful and they do not have one quality that is in the mind ..." In the mind there are two kinds of activities. It is a memory and the ability to distinction. And that woman said: "I do not really understand their power, so they are always irresponsible for his appearance, for his conduct, for his words, for their actions."

We can see how a woman says, "What I did was doing something? Che is, they were attracted me? »
She wears a short skirt and goes and says: "I just want to be sure - in itself." Here she walked down the street and
probably 15 000 men ... Well, yes, probably, in the great outdoors of 15 000 men go. Someone already driving okosel someone
almost anyone crushed, because there is a woman in a short skirt, you see it confident.

"The woman is ...", and is described in the scriptures that "women are so very body attracts men ...
Her figure, her breasts lush, therefore it is said busty, krutobedraya. " In the scriptures, in the Srimad-Bhagavatam you can
read how the woman described. "Lotus-eyed, peach skin like emery cloth, velvet or leather, silk,
compared the hair with silk. " Why is that? Because even the shape of a woman so badly affects men,
and this woman may not understand or be understood, but not be responsible for it. - "Well, what if I am?" "Yes," - she says.

But huge numbers of people are confused. That is the wise have become stupid, and great fighters have abandoned the love
for the country and all are now, everything is focused on the woman. And even when the woman disappears, the feeling of lust ...
that is, the mode of passion is thrown at once, a man once there is the mode of passion. The mode of passion is stored for a very long
time, and the man begins to meditate on the sensual pleasures. That's why the word ashram brings inner meaning,
limit contacts. And what kind of contacts? The contacts must be in the right frame of mind, and for the right purpose.

I will now enumerate the qualities that help women keep the family together, never a man would not leave if a woman trained ...
Chastity. And trained in the knowledge of the false ego of a man.
How to use your power.

Therefore it is said: "The man has reason and knowledge, and the woman has the power and beauty." But there is no what? Reason and knowledge. And so
It said: "The power should always be under the control of reason." That is why a man should control the woman. The husband must
to be the main family, why? Otherwise, this force a woman becomes uncontrollable. And they say: "A woman is like a woman ... uncontrolled brahmastra, the atomic bomb." So many people can kill. Lots of.


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