Obvious differences: fresh bread or crackers

A very common opinion is that dried stale bread and crackers significantly more useful than fresh bread. For example, in Crete, fresh bread to eat only a few times a day. My grandmother, Alexandra Ivanovna, is also very fond of dry bread and said that it was a folk tradition. Historically, bread was baked often enough firm, soft, airy bread is a relatively new phenomenon.

In the Internet you can find wild prejudices from different acidity of fresh bread and crackers, to kill us yeast. I do not see in the bread (especially in modern), nothing is irreplaceable and very valuable. However, for many, bread is an important part of nutrition.

What is the root cause of the process of staling of bread? In the bread baking process the starch is gelatinized partially, absorbing the water allocated koaguliruemogo protein substances. As a consequence, the starch transitions from crystalline to amorphous.

The process of staling of bread is represented by the change of the gel of amylose and amylopectin.

The amylose gel is in an unstable equilibrium, this equilibrium when the temperature (baking bread) are shifted to the right. During the cooling of bread is the equilibrium shifts to the left, which is associated with the process of staling of bread. Also in the process of staling of bread plays the role of reversible aggregation of the amylopectin.

The aging of the bread due to the physical changes of branched molecules of amylopectin in the swollen granules of starch. In the process, baking the grains of starch swell is limited due to lack of water. In this part of the molecules of amylose of the proceeds from the starch granules into the surrounding water medium, forming it of a relatively concentrated solution. Therefore, fresh bread of the grain of the swollen starch is located in a dense gel formed by amylose.

During storage of bread gels of amylose gradually hardened, compressed, as there is an increase in the number and strength of contacts between particles in time. In these concentrated systems of molecules of amylopectin also have the tendency to associate, leading to increased rigidity throughout the system. It turns out a biscuit!

Thus, fresh bread contains starch in amorphous condition, and during storage of bread restores the crystalline structure of the starch, i.e. there is a phenomenon of retrogradation starch.

Such starch less prone to splitting, therefore, has a lower glycemic index. The issue of "fresh bread or crackers" in General, healthier crackers. However, this difference is not so great to do crunches useful product. published

Author: Andrey Blueskin


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