Why publicize your relationship on social networks is a mistake?

Social networking is so tightly into our life that not even imagine a morning without checking the news on Facebook. But in addition to the free "information services," social network at the same time dictate to us (albeit tacitly) and new standards of life. For example, this concerns the relationship status on Facebook: with one trivial clique, this status has become one of the criteria of the seriousness of the relationship. Like, if you are officially together or married even more so, it is imperative to perpetuate it in the appropriate box in your profile – "In a relationship", "Married", "cohabiting" or something like that. But does such a gesture sense and to whom it in principle?

One has only to change the status and confirm that you are in a relationship (and to accompany it all terribly romantic photo!), and you will fall likes and congratulations from the people with whom you had not seen for at least a year (and maybe all five years!), and this is definitely your day on Facebook in the rays of evanescent glory, emoticons in the form of hearts.

What has changed? Your close friends and acquaintances have already been in the know, but for the rest of your new status (like any other photo, repost, check in) will be the bait for discussion and opportunity to evaluate (and estimate we have on the Internet just love it!). And what happens, say, in 12 months, when you suddenly break up? The status will have to change again, and this time likes and happy smileys in comments is not so much, but the public will be "pepper" is a reason to discuss you and make your no interesting insights.

One of the famous American entertainment website hosted on the page a user survey to 30 years and found that most of them do not consider the change of status in Facebook with the need. The most popular answer was the wording that all of these statuses is just stupid, and second place was the desire not to talk about their relationships all in a row is annoying distant relatives, former colleagues and others "shadow" individuals who are in your friends on Facebook.

And, frankly, given how much aggression and gossip now is based in this social network, it is easy to understand the need for user privacy – do not want to "mix" your sincere feelings in this "salad" of news about the war, Kim Kardashian and gluten-free products.

On the other hand, the opposite is desire from all to keep looking a little paranoid, because if you are together and both use Facebook, you sometimes say to each other in the comments, appear on combines photographs, are registered on the same event or even exchange messages on the pages of each other. Carefully watching for your news man, and so I noticed, what it is, but it looks such a harmless social activity and touching and does not become the Central event of the entire tape. In General, as you understand, we are more against than for, and in addition to all the above found at least 5 reasons why you should not openly advertise their relations in social networks.

Reason # 1: the spiteful critics will have a chance to consider your "soul mate" in more detail.No, you can certainly assume that your "Friends" section on Facebook is filled with exceptionally pure sinless souls, but it is not even in man, and in the instinct of permissiveness social networking: if the profile is open, you can scroll through someone's life, making his film about a man's life through photos, posts and visited places.

Reason # 2: you will ask more questions.If you status from "single" turned into a relationship, wait: "And when are you getting married?", if the last – to the status of "Married," then: "And when children expect?". Your Union is now as a new season of "Revenge", and all terribly interesting to know what will happen next.

Reason # 3: your ex will also be able to enjoy.We can consider this as a beautiful revenge, but you can begin to worry about that because he also has an ex that is now able to chuckle over your photos from drunken parties.

Reason # 4: you risk angering the rest.In Facebook there is a whole category that the American media called "careerists," they use their homepage only for work, never spread news of his personal life and expect the same from others. So be careful, and then suddenly after changing the status you want sasamat tape your most touching photos and declarations of love. Although you still one step away from disaster: it's still better than spamming ribbon kids...

Reason # 5: the gap will turn into a social drama.How to remove the status, so that no one saw? And what to do with joint photos? How do the hell deleted from Facebook?! Relationships are destroying not a social network, and people, but that does not negate the fact that the most expensive it is better to keep close to your heart.published

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