bioWAVE is a revolutionary wave station launched

Company BioPower Systems (BPS), specializing in the development of technologies for using ocean energy, has installed a demonstration plant bioWAVE power of 250 kW in the coastal waters off Port Fairy, Victoria (Australia).

The project cost $ 21 million BPS was developed over 3 years (the concept has been known since 2008), and 11 million of them were invested by the Agency for renewable energy in Australia (ARENA), and 5 million was provided by the state government.

Unique power plant bioWAVE is designed to convert the energy of ocean waves, and "collect" this energy device capable of both surface and deep water. Its design is a kind of huge Trident (mounting height can reach up to 45 m), with firmly fixed on the bottom base and a movable part, rising to the water surface.

The concept of an innovative wave power plant designed to generate energy on an industrial scale, and it was designed according to the principlesof biomimicry. This means that at its creation engineers were inspired by nature itself. In the end, they got a system that is able not only to efficiently convert the ocean energy into electricity and to resist excessive wave loads, but also to produce electricity at very competitive prices.

How it works

bioWAVE with the base, in which the hinge is fixedly attached on the seabed. An array of movable buoyant floats, or "blades", interacts with the constantly rising and descending surface, which leads to the reciprocating motion of the lower layer of water (a similar effect can be observed with rocking back and forth, deep sea algae).

As a result, the design of the hinge is constantly bobbing to the rolling waves, and the energy of this movement is converted into electricity using stand-alone hydraulic module O-Drive (patented design BPS), which converts mechanical energy into liquid pressure, driving a generator. The resulting electricity is delivered to shore through a submarine cable.

"Pilot" wave setup height of 26 meters mounted in place using the vehicle with the crane equipment, and over the course of the work under water was monitored by engineers and divers. It is reported that the device is designed so that in stormy weather it is automatically "lays low", thereby protecting the system from damage.

In the near future, BPS together with employees of the ARENA are going to test the work bioWAVE ocean in real conditions to obtain clear indicators of performance and improvement of the innovation wave setup. published

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