10 tricks that allows you to expand the space of small apartment

Furnish an apartment of modest size so that it was comfortable, cozy, and seemed close – no easy task. Meanwhile, the designers are still trying to find and invent new ways of economical organization of space and store the necessary things in the house. Ten of these methods we want to offer to your attention this article:

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Quite often the need arises to zone the Studio, and to clutter the already small room is not desirable. This task is best to cope lightweight, translucent walls. In this case, such a partition separates the bedroom area from the main space of the room, creating an atmosphere of privacy and quiet.

Dining room4f99bbc9b4.jpg

Most owners of small apartments refuse from dining, believing that it would take up too much space. Meanwhile, the compact round table and folding chairs – it is permissible luxury. The table in the picture attached to the rack with one hand and small, standing along the wall with the couch on the other. It fits perfectly in the space of the apartment with an area of 25 sq. m.

White furniture2553924433.jpg

White colour perfectly hides all the flaws, especially in a small space. That is why the designers recommend to choose furniture with facades of bright colors, and kitchen and all white, preferably with a glossy surface. And that interior doesn't sound boring, add a few accents of bright colors.

Diverse lamps098a4e34bb.jpg

Light is one of the most important design tools. In a small apartment it should be a lot. Do not limit yourself to just one chandelier. It is important that the light sources were at different levels in different places, and if necessary, you can change their position. Additional lighting can be embedded in furniture attached to walls, placed on a table and other surfaces.

Kitchen backsplash small tile7611e744a2.jpg

Designers suggest to use for a small kitchen small tile – this technique helps to visually expand the space. And it will look much more attractive than larger ones.

Hide a bed7652833bca.jpg

Often the owners of a modest one-bedroom apartments trying to solve the problem – where to hide the bed? This problem has a simple and effective solution – in a niche. And a niche you can create with your own hands with the help of curtains and a couple of spars.

The rack is in the role of a partitionadbe3055f8.jpg

There is another effective way to separate the sleeping space from the rest room using the easy open shelving.

Storage space on the ceiling2705257bf6.jpg

In a small apartment any valuable storage space, even at the level of the ceiling. Thus, one can save space at the bottom.

Functional shelves8a4ca7319f.jpg

For a small apartment open shelves in some cases can be a good alternative to traditional cabinets – they allow you to store many things without cluttering the room.

Sleek design for small bathroomf235ba2441.jpg


A small space always demands custom approach to design. This is true for cramped bathrooms. Here, for example, one of the solutions for tiny bathrooms. published


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