Interior design: details decide everything!


Go see this excellent bright interior architect in Barcelona belongs to the extraordinary person who loves change, avoid ordinariness and routine.



Classic basic white color, which underlies the interior, makes it, on the one hand, flexible (you can change the details and thereby change the mood of the space), and, on the other hand, allows as much as necessary to experiment safely with details.



Just look how elegant and, along with that playfully enliven the space pistachio-Canary, azure and purple chairs, purple glass, blue and scarlet diamonds on carpets, lamps, color tangerine, bright yellow, pastel and Golden interior details (paintings, flowers).




In each of several spaces of the building – its predominant color. Any inhabitant of the apartment you will find the area for your mood! Of the more popular materials of cloth, plastic and glass.




They are airy, light, sometimes very romantic or, on the contrary, is quite eccentric. It all depends on the colours and functions of each individual piece of furniture.




The drawings in the bathroom uniqualizer the situation, although it is already more than the original. Fresh, bright, power interior, which wants to create! published


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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