Natural tooth powder with your hands

Tooth powder nettle prepared from the leaves, flowers, seeds and roots. It is only necessary to collect leaves of nettle three times per season. The first collection in the spring, as soon as the first nettle in may. Even has its own day according to the lunar calendar for the best collection of stinging nettles. Spring nettles are vitamins for your teeth, gums and entire body.

At the time of flowering (days flowering nettles!) — the second collection of stinging nettles. And third — when the nettle will appear Mature, but still green, seeds.

To collect is leaves together with flowers and seeds. All to dry in a dark place. Chop and grind in a coffee grinder. For ease of pre-grinding is necessary to remove all the twigs, even small, since they contain a solid spinning fiber. For the prevention of caries and gum inflammation, it is sufficient to use such tooth powder nettle 1 every one to two weeks.

If you are not lazy, you can also add chopped roots of nettles. They give the composition a yellow tinge and an even more pleasant taste. Tooth powder nettle helps with bleeding gums because of the unique hemostatic and anti-inflammatory properties of the herb nettle.


List other herbs for tooth powder:

Nettle, cardamom, coriander, cloves, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, dill seed, aspen bark, birch bark (neutral taste as a lightweight component take more than 50%), bark of pomegranate fruit (a nice sour-bitter taste, also very useful properties), yarrow, black pepper, chamomile, thyme, Echinacea, sage, Bay leaf

First is all thoroughly dry. Then in a coffee grinder and grind as fine as possible. Carefully ground dust from every pot will be perfectly clean teeth. To give a final mixture of noble taste, it may be advisable in the final mixture to add a little flavor of herbs such as stevia, mint, and lemongrass.

Choose any plants and create a pleasant tasting mixture. Try to experiment and get not only pleasant and fragrant, but also useful for your gums and teeth mix, natural tooth powder.

Small recommendation on the selection of herbs for tooth powder: Each person can choose an individual mixture of herbs according to the testimony of their own illnesses or to prevent them. All are interconnected. Diseases of any bodies affect the teeth. There is a method of diagnosis. Why or brush your teeth in the grass which can be used to treat diseased organs?

And some more recommendations:

— Let's remember than brushing the teeth of our ancestors, when not yet invented the modern toothbrushes. Ask older people and they will tell amazing things:

IT TURNS OUT THAT THE TEETH CLEANING FRESH HERBS IN THE SUMMER AND DRY IN WINTER. Just tore down any blade of grass and cleaned her teeth. Imagine our ancestors were every day a new "toothpaste". Teeth and gums got a full set of vitamins, minerals from mother nature. Even now, modern people are arriving at the nature often break the stalk and either brush their teeth or just chewing on it.

— Chewing the resin of coniferous trees — the hobby was in childhood for the kids!

— Chewing a honey comb as well brush my teeth.

You healthy teeth and gums! published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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