5 tablespoons how to lose 8 kg in just 7 days!

Very often the main cause of excess weight is a distended stomach. This phenomenon is caused by overeating: the more a person eats, the more stretched the walls of the stomach and the more in the end want to eat then...

To break this vicious circle is simply a must!

It is necessary only to reduce the number of servings that you eat at a time, as will start the process of natural weight loss! The stomach will shrink to normal size, digestion will improve, and excess weight will go away without a trace.

We offer you to try the diet with the bright name "5 tablespoons". Its effectiveness is amazing!


1. One portion of food should be 150-200 g or 5 tablespoons.

2. There are no strict dietary restrictions but for best results should be excluded from the menu, cakes, chocolate, fizzy drinks. Try to drink coffee and tea without sugar.

3. Between meals you need to follow the every 3 hours. Immediately wash down food with water or other beverages is not recommended — it contributes to the stretching of the stomach wall.


Sample menu of the diet "5 tablespoons" on the day

7:00 — 5 spoons of oatmeal (rice, buckwheat, wheat cereal, muesli, lentils). After 30 minutes, tea without sugar, coffee with milk, cocoa to choose from.

10:00 — any fruit, fruit salad, yogurt with fruit.

13:00 — 5 spoons of buckwheat (mashed potatoes, rice, stews, vegetables, hummus). Protein lunch — 200 grams of fish or 200 grams of beef. You can combine foods: for example, 3 tablespoons of cereal and 2 slices of chicken.

16:00 — 200 grams of yogurt or cucumber with tomatoes or 5 tablespoons of fresh lettuce. You can eat nuts and dried fruit, you can make a little sandwich of bread and cheese.

19:00 — 5 spoons of buckwheat or 200 g fish, or a Cup of yogurt or 5 tablespoons of steamed vegetables.

This meal plan will help you lose weight fast and not harm your body! After this diet the weight does not return: if the walls of the stomach have returned to normal size, there is want to have much less bouts of overeating remain in the past. published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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