Ideal kitchen in country style

In the context of high urbanization, intense pace of life, especially in large cities, in recent years become increasingly popular interior design kitchen country style, that is, the so-called "rustic" style.

He combines a certain roughness, proximity to the old days, but at the same time, symbolizes the closeness to nature. Associations with the house in the village, nature, recreation... And with so much time devoted to cooking, the interior space should be as comfortable as possible.

Most often the use of this style are the happy owners of country houses, as in the flat for a number of reasons to make the design so complicated.

A distinguishing characteristic of the cuisine in the rustic spirit is the use of natural materials in interior finishing and furniture. It is wood, stone, clay, glass. Walls and floors are mostly made of natural wood or its imitation. Looks very nice artificially aged wood, with treschinok, with natural wood pattern. To achieve this effect there are special processing.

In rooms decorated in a similar presentation, it is very important to the lighting.

Well, if there are huge Windows, natural lighting in this case would be more appropriate. As for color, generally there is a focus on bright colors in the decoration of the walls and ceiling. To maintain a sense of comfort, warmth, naturalness, and the situation is better to choose pastel shades.

Kitchen furniture in the spirit of antiquity is selected massive, a bit rough and versatile, with plenty of shelves, lockers. And also will look very good a large round table in the middle of the room, its presence suggests that the whole family will get together for lunch or dinner.

Here great fit wicker chairs and tables, carved with many fine details, built-in glass with engravings. Especially if your kitchen combines the still living room.

Perfect for decorating a small kitchen will be appropriate a variety of cute bags, towels with embroidery, pottery clay, various utensils, samotkanye tracks and mats and baskets made of wicker, filled with fruit. Equipment is also selected accordingly, image retro, slightly old-fashioned. In General, a kitchen with the country style is most comfortable and relatively inexpensive method of arrangement of life.published

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