How to create a colourful country garden on 6 acres

A tiny picturesque village located on the edge of the world and a little reminiscent of the dwellings of the hobbits from Lord of the rings – admit it, sometimes each of us wants to become the owner of such area. Turns out it is quite simple, because they all represent variations of the garden in country style

If in order to understand the specifics of the English garden, you had to imagine the romantic picture of the old tales, that in the case of a country garden is more appropriate book about childhood adventures. Imagine a yard wildly overgrown flowers and herbs scattered wooden buckets and noisy kids who are trying to stuff the cat in the birdhouse.

Presented? Then it's time to talk about the nuances.


Garden country style is perfect for those who don't like to mess with the plants preferring to grow all by itself. Moreover, such a garden requires exactly the concept of some neglect when you are surrounded by impenetrable jungle, and on the other the meadow.

If you are planning to build in the garden lawn, it should not be homogeneous: there, here need to have cornflowers or lavender, grass also needs to be high enough. The lawn can move smoothly in the bushes or be edged in lush vegetation.

Fence in country garden can be symbolic, and to consist of a dilapidated wall in combination with climbing plants. If you want to get as close to the aesthetics of the village, try to build a real fence, which can be decorated pots, or quaint figures.

The fence, of course, will not protect you from the invasion of thieves, so often, it is decorative in nature. It can also be installed in the garden to zone space.

An integral component of any country of the garden is a vegetable garden. It is not necessary to raise the virgin on their 6 acres, or attempt to grow 5 varieties of tomatoes at the same time. But to break a few neat gradacac with a green salad and crispy carrots is imperative!

Depending on your preferences, mini-garden can greet your guests immediately outside the gate or, on the contrary, hiding behind the house. It is important to choose the right location and design of the beds.

As for the location of the various nooks and crannies in the country garden, most of which are small shops or even the remains of old furniture, which is nestled under the branches of Apple trees or cherry. You can also use small wooden tables or logs that have been adapted for practical needs.

Rustic garden surprisingly practical: it is possible to place any unnecessary thing, so much so that it will yield significant benefits. In addition, functional things can be both a work tool and a decorative element.

Decor country garden is one of the most interesting points in its design: go to the shed or the attic and get the old heads, barrels, crates, and maybe even a cart, which seemingly had its day. A little imagination and space – and you are the owner of this farm in miniature.

The main thing — do not limit yourself: you can't even imagine what wonders of old things can come true in your garden.

We need only remember that the most preferable material for country garden is a tree; furthermore, all items must have a little bit of a vintage look as if they are here a long time ago.

Country garden can be a spiritual area for the whole family, so if you have long dreamed of such a place, do not put off creating it for later! Imagine yourself as the sower and scatter the flower seeds here and there; by the time you decide to take out from the basement of the old wagon, you will have to welcome this colorful meadow.published


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