Vadim Zeland: How to lead your energy in a healthy condition

Every person is surrounded by invisible energy shell. Ordinary people cannot feel, but can imagine.

Feel the surface of your body, how it is when you are immersed in a hot bath. I'm not saying "try". Just do it. When you don't try and do immediately, and training is not needed. The energy propagates as a slow wave from the center of your body, reaches the surface and becomes a ball. Imagine the ball around. It is your energy sheath. No matter that she's really not noticeable. Already only one imagination you make the first step to the management shell. Will come with time and real feeling.

People with developed psychic abilities can see itself as the shell and all defects therein. Every person already has psychic powers, but they are not used, and therefore are in a dormant condition.

Wake them up by prolonged exercise or one moment — it is only a question of intention. Of course, to find such intent is quite difficult. But for our purposes it will be enough to bring your energy in a healthy condition. Weak shell vulnerable to forced intrusion.

Healthy energy can be developed and maintained, regularly performing special exercises. It is very simple and takes very little time.

  • Stand straight as you are comfortable, not straining.
  • Breathe in and imagine that the energy flow comes from the earth is included in the crotch area, moves along the spine (about the above), get out of my head and goes to heaven.
  • Now, make your exhalation, and imagine that high from heaven descends the energy flow is part of the head, moves along the spine and goes into the ground.

You do not have to physically experience these flows. It is simply enough to imagine it. Over time, your sensitivity will be trained so that you learn to feel them.

  • Then imagine how both streams simultaneously move towards each other, without overlapping, each in his way. At first, do it on the inhale and the exhale, but eventually try to abandon the peg threads to breath.

You can power of imagination (intention) to accelerate the flow, giving them power.

  • Now imagine that the upward flow out and poured over the head of a fountain.
  • Similarly, the downward flow out, and also spreads in the opposite direction, just under the feet.
  • You have top and bottom two fountains. Mentally connect the spray both to be inside the energy sector.
  • Then pay attention to the surface of your body. Just feel the surface of the skin, and then expand this feeling into the sphere, like a balloon expands when it is inflated. When you mentally inflate the skin surface, the sphere contained energy fountains fixed.

All this is done without strain. No need to go all out to try to feel something.

Don't worry if not physically feel the Central streams. You are so used to them that they ceased to feel like any other healthy internal organ.

Regularly from time to time concentrating on the threads, you will soon feel the physical sensation. Not as strong as, say, feel, enough.

This is the energy exercises. Closing the streams on each other in the sphere, you create around themselves a protective shell. Stretching the surface energy of the body into a ball, you hook the shell in a stable condition.

Benefit from this sort of exercise cannot be overemphasized.

First, the shell protects you from defeat.

Second, develop your energy, you clear the subtle channels.

Tube, preventing the flow of energy to fly, and the holes in the shell through which it is spent delayed.

It all happens at once, gradually. But do not need to turn for help to perform reflexology and psychics. You do restore the normal circulation of energy.

It should be noted that energy shell can protect you from vampires and pendulums. These hangers swing energy through the settings on your frequency.

When the pendulum is trying to hook the victim, that deviates from the equilibrium. This moment to the pendulum to fail, you need to Wake up and dump the importance of. Muscles relax, energy comes into balance, and the pendulum will fall into the void. After all, if you do not sway he will not be able to pick up energy.

The awareness necessary to constantly monitor those moments when you inadvertently deviate from the equilibrium.published

© Vadim Zeland


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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