The ancestral Spirit of the ancestors

Ancestral Spirit is energy and information field that combines people who are connected in a certain way. It can be egregor of Faith, professions, creativity, family, etc. For healthy life we need Ancestral Spirit, a power frame, which was created over the centuries desires, actions and aspirations of our Ancestors.

So it is very personally and alone analyze, what is the place in your thoughts and actions is the motivation of conscience. This will be the strength or weakness of your connection to the family energy field.

People without the support of the kind that a tree without roots is not viable. And its branches-the offspring may not even be born. Bachelors, families without children – the last in the family...

If our actions are to meet the aspirations of the genus, we will have a generic sense. Will be able to use generic memory and all the knowledge accumulated in it.

That our Ancestors called common sense, because by connecting to ancestral egregore, we are acting in a "government" that is correct.

Revolution and atheism cut off the ancestral roots of most genera. But today, it is important to know not ancestry as such, but to understand the life of past generations. Through this and perhaps the revival kinds.

The Ancestors, there was a ceremony of blessing, never to interrupt the connection of generations. Blessed parents, grandparents, their descendants for the accomplishment of any of the Affairs of the family. It's as simple as all brilliant – bless the son of the morning, when he goes to school. Or daughter who is going on a date. And do you connect children to the great energy kinds, will supply protection from bad luck, misery, bad company, rapists, robbers on the streets of envy.

Consult Your parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. Ask for their blessings for yourself, Your children. It does not provide elaborate rituals and long-winded prayers. "I bless you!". And is immediately included in the family, if instant flashes of light after the flip of a switch.

We can argue or disagree with their parents, to act against their will. The result, sooner or later will be the same. After many years, we whine: "But my mom was right!". I sincerely apologize to parents, reconciled.

Respect for old age and care for youth is one of the main canons of the kind.

Goodbye parents who are unable to give You love and nurturing. Understand, if Your birth happened in the family of alcoholics or beggars, it is the karmic condition of the soul's incarnation.

Ask for forgiveness and blessings "in hindsight". After that begins to change the life of not only a single person, and just kind in General.

Because the energy of the egregore is only waiting for "enable" to come to the aid of the descendants living in dark times and strengthen the family as a whole for centuries.

The more You remember, mentally addressing the Ancestors, the stronger they are, the higher the energy of nature, and hence help powerful in solving worldly Affairs and problems. Man cannot exist and develop outside the family. The program will always act, whether we like it or not. But the only thing we can (and actually should do) is to change and improve this program.

Obey the laws, cleaning rod, correctly remembering departed Ancestors and respecting them and loving living. The generic program always meets our personal karma.

The soul choosing the parents, the place of the incarnation, becomes a link in the chain of generations. And if the incarnation happens in the family, burdened with curses and negativity, there is a chance the cleaning of all kinds.

Just one bright Ancestor and regard him with one bright living – born may all be cleansed and recruit other vibration energies.

Our family is a source of strength and support on the one hand, and on the other our karma and our way. If outwardly normal and successful person places his / her mother or grandmother in a nursing home to live out their days in solitude, his children or grandchildren will do the same, if not worse.

Man attains perfection in the matter and in the spirit of helping his family for seven generations in the future and seven generations in the past.

The accumulation of the power of godliness, the kind passed on from generation to generation. Conversely, if we degrade and go down the path of temptation and Vice, not respect and not love senior throw children, we reclaim the energy from the kind for generations to come. And each generation is getting worse and worse. This explains why one is born healthy and wealthy, and the other with birth defects and their parents leave.

How we will use force depends only on us. Strengthening and cleansing of the kind we increase the power of godliness is the basis for the birth of healthy and brilliant children. In the Vedas it is said:

"Through the son of man comes to the world, through a grandson attains Immortality through great-grandson, enters into the abode of light! There is no death!".published

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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