IMPORTANTLY! 7 signs that Your body is dehydrated

There are simple signs that you'll be able to answer this question without resorting to laboratory tests. When water loss exceeds 2% of body weight begins decreasing functional and cognitive level of the body. Once the body loses more than 5% of the fluid, it begins to decrease the rate of sweating and skin blood flow, and this affects the body's ability to distribute excess heat accumulating in the body. Lack of fluids in the amount of 6-10% of body weight lowers endurance during physical activity by reducing the volumetric flow velocity of the heart, sweating and skin and muscle blood flow.

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Signs of dehydration 1:thirst.

Thirst is a sign that the body lacks fluid and it needs to be filled. In a previous article I wrote about the method of SIP test and its features. Once again I remind you that lust fades sooner than compensated the deficit of moisture, so it is important to have access to water after thirst. Under stress the sense of thirst may be blunted.


Signs of dehydration 2: change the color and amount of urine. One of the most obvious signs of dehydration dark urine, and is considered a reduction in the frequency of urination. Her dark color and pungent smell also talk about dehydration. And the darker the urine and stronger the smell, the more dehydrated. All the details in the image.

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Signs of dehydration 3: changes in the skin.

Reduced skin turgor, dryness of the skin (wrinkles are more pronounced), dark circles under the eyes, redness of the skin, especially the face. In adult skin, you can check out the test (see the picture) on hand. Dehydration tissue elasticity and turgor of the skin is reduced. As a result of chronic dehydration appears dryness, wrinkles, itching, the face loses its healthy and natural look. Red face and red hot skin happens when the body lacks water sweating, he tries to compensate for this by dilating blood vessels for heat loss.

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Signs of dehydration 4: change in mucous membranes.

Changes of the mucous membranes in dewatering include dry mouth, dry nasal mucosa, dry rough tongue, eye irritation (few tear fluid). If nasal mucosa is dry, it is also dehydrated.

Also, it often happensdifficulty swallowing (lack of saliva). If you hold your finger on the language, it should be easy to slide on creep, if the language is rough, it indicates dehydration.

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  Signs of dehydration 5: muscle weakness

Dehydration is often slow movements, rapid pulse and he slowly comes back to normal, sometimes orthostatic hypotension. Also vertigo, worse overall health, can increase heart rate. In addition, when the dehydration occurs weight loss sometimes quite serious.


Signs of dehydration 6: malaise


The brain first responds to dehydration appear unexplained irritability, fatigue, malaise, headache etc. the Symptoms of dehydration can be weakness and headache, which may resemble that which occurs during a hangover. Loss of appetite and constipation also can be symptoms of dehydration.


Signs of dehydration 7: are you in stress.

As you know, stress is the most difficult part is to understand that you are stressed. Being stressed out, you almost certainly slightly, but dehydrated. This is due to the fact that the stress is suppressed thirst. The stress hormone cortisol causes retention of sodium and removes potassium, which leads to disruption of water-salt balance. The more stress we eat less food containing potassium (leafy greens, vegetables and fruits) and eat more foods containing sodium (all modern food). Often, dehydration causes stress, and stress causes further dehydration. published 


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