As the time changes, food intake affects Your weight and metabolism

Many people want to eat with health benefits, but to change your diet is not so easy. But what if making changes in diet and mealtimes?

It is known that the change of meal times can affect your weight and metabolism. At least if you're a mouse.

Based on studies in mice, we can say that the secret to better health is to limit the time interval during which you eat, and as a result, the increase in the time during which you can do without food.

Research conducted several years ago showed that mice, whose diet was high in fat, and is allowed only within an eight-hour interval, were healthier and slimmer than mice who were given exactly the same amount of food, but were allowed to use it any time they want.

In the new study, the same researchers again subjected to hundreds of mice daily fasting of varying duration – from 12 to 15 hours.

And again found that the mice that had not received food for at least twelve hours, were healthier and slimmer than those who received the same amount of calories, but haphazard.

But how well will it work on humans? To deal with this, the researchers drew sixteen volunteers for a 10-week study. The volunteers were measured the amount of body fat, blood sugar, fats (triglycerides) and cholesterol in the blood before the start of the study. They were then randomly assigned to one of two groups, in blue or red.

The blue group which was the control, proposed to do as usual. Participants from the red group were asked to adhere to their usual diet, but to eat Breakfast about 90 minutes later, and dinner – 90 minutes early.

This meant that every day for an extra three hours they were not supposed to eat. Each kept a diary of food and sleep, to make sure that the amount of food remained the same as usual.

So why is the time of eating should something change?

There are two possible mechanism.

First, there are now many studies indicating that longer periods of treatment without food (fasting) is useful.

In addition, it is believed that our body can cope with the calories better at certain times of the day. According to experts, one of the worst options to eat sweet and fatty foods late at night, when the levels of these substances in the blood are already high.

To test all this, some settled on the unpleasant experiment with direct private participation:

After an overnight fast, have a volunteer take some blood for analysis, then at 10:00 he eats Breakfast classic British eggs – lots of bacon, eggs and sausages. Directly after meals and every half hour for several hours again takes a blood sample. And Yes, it's quite painful.

Twelve hours later, at 22:00, the second meal of the day – the same as Breakfast. And again for the next few hours taken a blood test.

Blood tests showed that after the morning meal the blood sugar level has normalized quite quickly, whereas fat levels began to fall after about three hours. However, in the evening, after a similar meal, blood sugar levels remained high for much longer, and blood fat levels still increased for four more hours after a meal.

So the researchers are right, and our bodies do not like to deal with a large amount of food late at night. Midnight snack worse effect on the body than the same food eaten earlier in the day.

There's an old saying: "Eat Breakfast like a king, lunch like a Prince and supper like a pauper". And she was correct. If you just need to eat the eggs, eat it for Breakfast.

And what is the result of the main research projects with participation of volunteers divided into two groups? At the end of the tenth week, all the volunteers gathered together and took a second test.

The researchers found that members of the red group who had Breakfast late and dinner early, on average, lost more fat in their blood decreased sugar level and cholesterol compared to the control group.

So the result of the first randomized study of its kind conducted on humans, positive.

Hard time eating for many people are not quite practical. But maybe this will help you to abandon the sandwiches at night.published

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