Massage the face for youth and beauty of Your skin

  The facial massage is performed strictly along the massage lines:1. Forehead. From the bridge of the nose straight upward to the upper boundary line of hair growth. From the nose along the eyebrows to the temples, from the middle of the forehead to the temples.

2. Nose. From the nose down to the tip of the nose. From the nose down to the nostrils.

3. Eyes. From the inner corner of the eye to the outer surface of the eyelids and the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner of the eye.

4. Cheeks. From the nose to the temples. From the wings of the nose to the middle ear. From the base of the nose down to the top lip. From the middle of the upper lip, the lobes of the ears. From the corners of the mouth to the ear lobes. From the line of the lower lip down to the chin. The middle of the chin to the earlobes.

5. Neck. From the base of the neck to the chin. From the lower edge of hair growth, to the fifth vertebra or the base of the neck.


The purpose of massage

the total relaxation;
— elimination of feelings of fatigue;
— improve well-being;
— relaxation of facial wrinkles;
— improve blood circulation;
— acceleration of metabolic processes.
with the aid of massage also slows down skin aging, improves sleep, eliminates fatigue and headaches.

Facial massage at home is performed with clean hands and without ornaments with the use of cosmetic products that provide the sliding of hands to clean the face, and strictly along the massage lines very carefully.

The effect of massage depends on the following factors:

1. The room should be well ventilated, the temperature should be specified, and the chair should be comfortable.
2. The condition of the skin on the face and psychological state of the person.
3. Confidence and balance. Massage can affect the human nervous system:
stroking — soothes;

Contraindications massage

Inflammatory, infectious and allergic diseases.
Micro trauma.
High blood pressure.
Disease of the thyroid gland.
The removal of the tooth.
Purulent processes of the mouth.
Change the skin (excluding psoriasis).
Seal of unknown origin.
Insect bites.
— Inflammation of the tonsils.
— A disease of the sinuses, inflammation stage.

Effective influence of facial massage

— Accelerates the recovery of damaged cells.
— Pounded the blood vessels from the influence of temperature.
— Improves the oxygen supply to the blood.
— Improves skin nutrition.
— Peels the top layer of the epidermis.
— Improves metabolism.
— Increases firmness and elasticity.

Facial massage consists of the following main movements:

— Stroking — the soft movement which is performed with the fingertips or the whole palm. With this movement, there is a strengthening of the tributaries of blood and elimination of toxins.

— Grinding — is performed with the fingertips, circular and spiral movements. With this movement, eliminates swelling, soften scar tissue, stimulate blood circulation and wound seal fat.

— Kneading — is based on the seizure of the muscles in the transverse direction. The result of this movement, improves lymph flow, stimulates the metabolism, improves nutrition of the skin and relieves muscle tension.

— Pat — a movement based on the execution of short, quick strikes at close range. Is performed by the fingertips, then the edge of his palm or the entire hand. The result of this movement, improves heat exchange, blood supply, sebaceous glands, increases the tone of muscles or relieve nervous tension.

— Vibration is performed with the fingertips or the whole palm. This movement is similar to the Pat, but has a more powerful and profound effect on muscle. As a result of vibration soften scars, improves skin condition, calms the nervous system. published


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