Japanese style in the interior of the kitchen — the charm of the Oriental minimalism

Many will agree that nobody can so well to embody in the home comfort and harmony as do the Japanese. That is why, Japanese inspired kitchen design so popular at the present time.

In order for the selection of items was done correctly and didn't take up a lot of time, we invite you to learn the basics of the kitchen arrangement in Japanese style.

Main features of the style

Transgressing of the interior, first of all, please note the key features of this Eastern style, which include:

1. Minimalism – this style involves a minimum of parts. It concerns not only things, but also finishes, lighting;

2. Practicality – is characterized by the use of such details, which could be functional;

3. Natural materials – all interior parts must be made of natural raw materials.

The Japanese never overload the space with unnecessary details. It is, in their opinion, should be used as intended and to be as functional as possible.

For them cooking is not a simple trivial process, and the whole ritual which provides a feeling of harmony of body and soul. So, starting to design, use these, we can say principles.


The photo kitchen furniture with traditional Japanese motifs and bamboo blinds, creating a unique Oriental flavor .

Walls, floors is best done from wood or bamboo. This is a traditional technique for this area.

For the flooring it is better to choose a flooring light shades that mimic the look of natural wood. The market of modern materials has many offers, so purchase the most suitable model is not difficult to anyone.

Ceilings can be done using panels, or wooden beams that the color scheme should match the overall theme of the kitchen. A good option to simulate Japanese ceiling design is the so-called "Armstrong", which then mounted the rest of the panels. Thus, it can be used as a basis for the construction of the ceiling. The cost of this option would be significantly less.

Most often, the geometric shape of the ceiling is a square or a rectangle. This allows you to visually expand the space. Jumper between these figures can be painted in a dark color. In the center of the ceiling you can position the drawing on Japanese subjects.

Furniture choose only the one that is made of wood. It may be a low table, made of unpainted wood brown. Forms of such furniture should be simple, unlike other styles that are full of pretentiousness and large dimensions.

Try to choose such pieces of furniture that have soft colours – brown, olive, caramel, as the dark color makes the area visually cluttered. Make a small garden of flowers, it will make a fresh touch to your home and emphasize its personality.

Another important area of the kitchen – window. As with other space, do not clutter Windows with nothing extra. You can arrange them using a small roller blinds, made of rice fabric, bamboo.

Fence kitchen area is not complete without a door partitions. This can be a glass door with floral patterns, or sliding doors, made of wood and natural fabrics. They won't clutter up the territory, but also in terms of economical value. There is only slight negative was the poor sound insulation.

Lighting and decor

For the kitchen, decorated in Japanese style is characterized by soft lighting. Not to say that this trait is not typical of other styles, however, the difference in how this effect is achieved. Led strips, table lamps, heavy crystal lamp shades – all that is alien to the style. In this case, it is necessary to avoid active lighting coming from the centre of the ceiling Windows. To achieve the desired result, choose the shades of a rectangular or spherical shape, made of rice fabric or wood. Lighting in each zone will be quite a right decision from the point of view of functionality and beauty.

As for the decor, it is also necessary to forget about the plastic stuff! Want to decorate different items – choose straw, wood, bamboo, as well as clay, glass, silk.

This may be old engravings, scrolls, which are placed on the phrase of the sages, ikebana, and figurines of porcelain. A traditional element of decoration is the placement of the niche in any of the walls. It is possible to place a vase, a statue.

If you prefer the charm of the Oriental minimalist as well as wish to arrange the interior in a relaxed and harmonious manner, then the choice in favor of the Japanese style you made is absolutely true. The most important thing – follow the rule of balance in all parts, and then success in the formation of individual design is guaranteed! published


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