How to get rid of back pain — advice from an osteopath

What if suddenly “came back”, there was a problem in the spine or joint? If the pain is unbearable and growing, it is best to contact a specialist (osteopath, chiropractor, doctor). If the discomfort tolerable or a visit to a specialist in the near future is not possible, then you can try to alleviate their suffering myself.

If after 2-3 days the situation does not improve, or even worsens, it must without delay seek the advice.

I like to give my patients the recommendations for self-help when a sudden pain in muscles, joints:

1. Stop the occupation, which began to give discomfort (lifting, sports) or change posture, try gently stretching, but not causing pain. It is best to completely finish the activities and do exercise than “to endure” in the hope that “all will pass”.

2. In cases of severe sprains, bruises, you can apply cold (ice) in the first few hours on the injured place. Sometimes help anti-inflammatory creams or a homeopathic remedy Arnica (cream or tablets).

3. Do some techniques for relaxation.

  • legite or sit, to avoid unpleasant sensations, relax all the muscles of the body;
  • take a few deep breaths; continue for 5-7 minutes
  • focus on the diseased part of the body, try to feel a pleasant warmth in her. Hold the feeling for 5-7 minutes or longer.
4. Do a few exercises below. Remember that when you exercise should not be the gain of the discomfort, and even more acute pain. Do not do exercises in case of severe injuries, bruises. In these cases, the best healer — rest the sore spot. Before you start the exercises gently wiggle sick part in different directions — determine which movements are limited and cause pain and which are not. Do only those movements which do not cause acute pain (pulling a "pleasant" pain valid).

5. I often encourage my patients to enter in day mode 4-5 minute special warm-up on the injured part of the body (most often the spine, neck or back). This can be done immediately on waking, before the evening shower or before bedtime. 5 minutes a day for exercise can highlight even the VERY busy person who has no time to give the sport enough time, at the same time it will markedly reduce the frequency of relapses and speed recovery. It is best if the patient continues to do workout regularly and after treatment.



On the neck and shoulders

Standing or sitting. To bring the neck in a vertical position — to imagine that the head is suspended from the crown to the ceiling. Shoulders relaxed. All exercises are done for 5-6 reps.

The hands up in the castle. Easy to push head back against resistance with your hands, simultaneously lowering your chin. Hold 2-3 seconds and relax.

2. Turns to the side, keeping the head upright (not “pulling” to the shoulder).

3. Inclinations in the parties to the sensation of stretching muscles of the shoulders.

To bring the shoulders forward, lift up as much as possible, to breed back and back down, thus describing a circle. You can do a few laps in the opposite direction.


Middle back (thoracic spine)

Sitting. One arm straightened in front of him, the other to grab her wrist. Pull straight arm, rotating body. Hips and head remain stationary. 5-6 repetitions, change hands in places to make turns in the opposite direction.

2. Standing, hands in the castle, the rectified overhead. Tilt the torso to the side, 5-6 in each direction.

 Standing on all fours. Bend the arc back down, bend up, 5-6 times.

Lower back, pelvis

Lying on your back, hands apart, shoulders pressed to the floor. Bend knees, put feet on 30-40 cm from each other. Keeping the feet and shoulders contact with the floor, turn and “put” knees to the side to contact with the floor (to lay on the floor), actively rotating the pelvis and lower back. Then the other side. 5-6 times in each direction. Options: put the heel of one leg on the knee or the heel of the other sock and the other to make turns with the pelvis and back.

2. Lying on back, bend leg and grab with both hands knee. Pull the knee to the same shoulder, then to the opposite shoulder in its original position, having made thus the circle. 5-6 times for each leg. You can then do 5-6 laps in the opposite direction.

3. Lying on your back, bend your legs at the knee and tazobedrennom joints. Grab your knees with both hands and pull them to the stomach. Hold 5-10 seconds and relax.


Food, supplements

Osteopaths try to stick to non-pharmacological treatments and prescribe medication only if clearly needed. Many osteopaths provide advice on nutrition, diet and supplementation.

For acute pain it is recommended to reduce the consumption of foods rich in caffeine, coffee, tea, chocolate, because caffeine increases the sensation of pain. Headaches, especially the migraines, can be triggered by certain foods, e.g. red wine, citrus, cheese and some additives in modern products (particularly preservatives). Try and see, is there any relation of pain with any products and eliminate them.

Food can increase or reduce the pain inflammation of the joints — arthritis (rheumatoid, degenerative, etc.). In the same way as for headaches, you can try alternately to exclude food groups from the diet and to compare the intensity and frequency of pain.

For example, to eliminate from the diet for at least 2-3 weeks dairy products, including cheese, ice cream, yogurt, butter. If the pain decreased, it makes sense to continue the diet or define a specific precipitating product. For this you need to add one product in 2-3 weeks.

In the absence of the effect of the exclusion of one group of products should go to the exclusion of other groups — starchy foods, meat products, spices and so on.

Often a good effect is achieved when fasting. In my practice there are patients who have pain after fasting for a few months so reduced that it was possible to reduce the dose or stop taking drugs (including steroids). This can only be achieved under the supervision of a specialist, fasting longer than 1 week. But even the shorter posts can be achieve relief. It is easiest to start with a 24-36 hour fast once a week. With a good intolerance can increase the period of fasting up to 3 days, 2-3 times a month.

Dietary supplements

Also, AK some of the products amplify the suffering, others facilitate it.

If You suffer from muscle spasms — contraction of the muscles, painful muscle contractions of the legs during the night (called "crampy"), then you should check blood on the mineral composition. Sometimes the cause can be the imbalance of calcium and magnesium in the blood, then helps a good mineral Supplement with calcium and magnesium. Calcium is recommended for all women after 50 years. Although there is no clear evidence of the effectiveness of calcium in osteoporosis, most professionals agree that admission is more good than harm.

If the mineral composition of blood in norm, from the painful spasms at night may help the appearance of Tonic water, which contains quinine. Emphasize that it is necessary that water on the label which States "contains quinine".

If You are taking diuretics, which are prescribed for hypertension (high blood pressure), heart disease and some other in the blood may decrease the level of sodium and potassium, which also leads to painful muscle spasms. In this case, shown mineral Supplement with sodium and potassium.

Few people know that there are natural analogues of anti-inflammatory drugs. Anti-inflammatory properties are ginger, hot curry, garlic. If You suffer from arthritis, you can try to take ginger root as a drink or in grated form, or curry, or garlic. You have to take 3 times a day, like medicine and remember about the risk of stomach irritation, that is not to take on an empty stomach.

The article is for informational purposes only and is not a call to self.


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